Friday, January 16, 2009

My dog is spoiled Part III

This is a picture of dis and mittens, they had a long standing feud, the big cats we had might have made Dis want to chase cats more? This was another unfortunate teenage picture of dis, I cut his hair and obviously he wouldn't sit still for that or being brushed!

Getting tired of this yet? I've never written this all down yet and feel I must finish. Plus it gives me blogging material I can put on during the week when I'm @ work and the white fuzzy one is home by himself. Ok, he's not always by himself, he's got family going by and stopping in all the time but he says he's terribly lonely.

And BTW little white foo foo dog, fireworks, guns and thunderstorms, don't bother him in the least. Ok if the thunder shakes the house or camper when we lived in one in MS he would move to my lap but that was about it. I think he actually likes the commercials for Disney World with the fireworks because he always watches them, or maybe he's thinking he can go there and chase mice on his birthday, you get in for free on your birthday you know? The lab and the terrier are terrified by any and all of the above, thunder isn't so bad for the lab but fireworks do him in and they both go the opposite direction if there is a gun being fired.

Dispatch has only been hurt or sick three times and they all show how spoiled he is. The first time he was only a few months old, it was almost Christmas and I had gone to California MO to distribute gifts to people we did business with, my husband was already over there in another truck. It had been a long long pickup ride but Dispatch hadn't acted upset or like he had to go potty, it had only been like an hour since he'd been out, my husband had bought this new pickup the February before, his pride and joy, 2002 Silverado with cloth seats, that's important, this truck was CLEAN. I brought my husband lunch from Mickey D's and told him it was in the truck to go out and we would eat it. He gets out there and I follow him, he slams the door after grabbing the food which thankfully was in a different seat from the dog. Evidently the dog had gotten sick or gone potty all over the new pickup, I didn't think a small dog could produce so much whatever it was, it was ALL OVER. I think he was sick but I had to drive 30 miles home with him and that stink, I have a strong stomach but it was all I could do not to get sick myself, he was so upset because I wouldn't let him touch me and he finally crawled over by the other door and laid down facing away from me. I can't remember whether I cleaned the dog or the pickup first but neither one was fun. Then the dog curled up beside the heater in his bed and let me wrap him up so I'm pretty sure he was feeling horrible, he slept for hours, perked up a little before bedtime and was OK the next day. I knew my husband had accepted the dog when he asked about the dog BEFORE he asked about the pickup when he called later that evening. I did get the pickup clean and after a month or so it didn't stink like upholstery cleaner anymore.

The second time dis was sick he got neutered. I was a baby about it and Dispatch was like over 2 when we finally got it done. I really wanted little Dispatches but knew that was silly. The vet INSISTED on keeping him overnight, I told him that wasn't a good idea, Dispatch had never been away from me overnight but once when we our nephew was killed in a car accident and then we left Dis @ home and a friend came in and let him out and fed him but he was @ home. The vet insisted, I gave in because Drs know best right? It's the next morning, my husband stays home later than he should from a trip to IA because he wanted to go with me to the vet to get the dog. I'd called the evening before all is fine, the vet calls back in the morning after he
goes and checks on Dispatch and tells me to wait till late late morning. Seems Dispatch was FINE when he left him for the night. But somehow during the night (or probably all night) Dispatch tried to escape from a stainless steel crate with NO sharp edges. He pawed and pawed till his feet were bloody, the vet himself gave him a bath and apologized all over himself, I guess he looked horrible when he went in in the morning and scared the vet, he was like totally bloody. He said if he wanted to keep him again remind him of what happened. I got to the vets and I hear this barking and whining all at once sounds like 3 dogs, it's Dispatch who is VERY glad to see me despite his operation.

The last time he was sick it was my fault. We were in MS in early 2007, everyone around had a dog and had gotten new puppies and it's a warm southern climate, that means fleas. I tried everything to get rid of them on Dispatch, he'd had frontline before like once a summer which seemed to take care of them so I went and got some from the vet again. Don't know if it was what I'd put on him before (I bathed him before the frontline) or a bad reaction which I had read about after all this happened but all of a sudden one morning he was like lethargic just barely raised his head when I would get out of the car, I had to carry him to the car that morning which was NOT like him. I don't remember if I'd put on the frontline the night before or gotten it that morning. Called the vet and she told me to rush him home and give him a bath, I gave him 2 or three baths, he didn't mind. When we were in the car running errands he would look up when I would get out but that was it, no barking or whining, didn't even want to stand up. The night was horrible, his breathing was fast and shallow and he was restless but didn't want to do anything but lay by my head. I didn't want to disturb my husband so I laid on the living room floor with Dispatch on a pallet all night. He made it obviously but it scared me horribly and I will never put frontline on him again. It took like 2 or 3 days for him to be bouncy again and completely back to normal, it was like a child was sick.
So that is the story of our spoiled rotten little dog. As you can see he can be useful, actually I painted the rose and sold it on ebay, Dispatch wouldn't leave me alone while I was trying to take the picture so I said Ok earn your keep, roll over, then I put the picture on him and took the photo. The picture is small they are called aceos, I used to sell them before the economy went south and I had to get a "real" job. LOL

Am I goofy over the dog, yes. Is he goofy over me? yes. Do pets enrich your life whether they are fuzzy or short haired, bark or meow, or even have scales or feather? Yes Yes Yes. Remember if you are thinking about getting a new pet get one you can take care of, and PLEASE think about adopting a rescue pet.

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