Saturday, September 11, 2010

Through A Dogs Eyes On PBS

As usual I am behind but I did remember this great documentary Through  A Dogs Eyes, you can go to the link below and search for rebroadcasts.  For example my local PBS station has a rebroadcast at noon today. 
I hope the lady who sent me the email doesn't mind me quoting her verbatim but I had like no sleep and need to get a little, there is a bit about service dogs and Milk Bones involvement below.

Check for rebroadcasts in your area.

Canine Assistants service dogs assist children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs in a variety of ways. Some of the tasks our dogs perform include turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, pulling wheelchairs, retrieving dropped objects, summoning help, and providing secure companionship. While all of these functions are vitally important in helping a person obtain greater freedom, perhaps the most impressive gift our dogs provide is social, rather than physical, in nature. The dogs eliminate feelings of fear, isolation, and loneliness felt by their companions. One Canine Assistants recipient made the value of this gift quite clear when asked by a reporter what she liked most about her service dog. Immediately, she responded, "My dog makes my wheelchair disappear."
Most Canine Assistants service dogs are born, raised, and trained at our facility in Milton, Georgia, while some are occasionally adopted from local organizations or breeders. The majority of our service dogs are retrievers, including both goldens and labradors.
Milk-Bone allows these recipients to receive their service dog for free, providing the necessary funding for some of these dogs to be fed, trained, groomed, etc. at no cost to the recipient. Milk-Bone has sponsored hundreds of dogs through its partnership with Canine Assistants.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hank The Wonder Dog

This is Hank.

Yes Hank is in the house and quite comfortable. He is my nephew dog however, not our dog.

Someone forgot to tell Hank he isn't a house puppy  however. Hank actually belongs to my cousin, we hadn't met Hank till Friday afternoon and we have been inseparable since (mostly Hanks idea). We suspect Dispatch told Hank that he was the most important dog in the world and therefore we were the king and queen of the world and somehow Hank believed Dispatch. Or he could sense we lost two dogs in the last year? I have no idea but if we put him outside he whines. He DID sleep outside the last two nights and I didn't really spoil him with food till today. I think it's because we let Hank in the house and Dis lied to Hank....or maybe Fema told him she preferred being an only dog, she's my cousins schnauzer and lives down the hill and Hank lives down there to. 

I was a bit worried about Hank because they said he chased cats.  Nobody told Meanie my cat though, or the kittens.   He did chase them with Fema but I yelled and he was very contrite.  Fema HATES for me to yell and couldn't actually believe I would yell @ her!! LOL  Hank can also sit and shake and lay down but sometimes he figures if he has to sit he might as well lay down.  He did growl @ Dispatch once but Dispatch was trying to be dominant over Hank shall we say.  Dispatch still rules the roost though and only has to look sideways and lift his lip to make Hank cringe, don't ask me?

You can't get the true beauty of Hanks face in the pictures but he has some mighty long chin whiskers, he looks like a cross between a hound and a giant Airedale.   If anyone reads this who remembers Abraham and Martin and Lindsey, Hank reminds me of a cross between all three.   Abraham (Abraham Lincoln) and Martin (Martin Luther King, do not judge, we named dogs after relatives for example Aunt Bob) were Airedale/shepherd mixes and Lindsey was a Mastiff.    Martin is on the left in this photo and Abraham on the right.  No comment on the coat or the car, this was like 1983.  Other dogs are Sally, Log, and Oetman (named after the preacher).

Oh and I lost my GMail and my blogs this morning, I panicked but after I went  through a little rigmarole with my cell phone all was fine.
Also I've started writing for hire for other peoples blogs.........part of the reason I haven't been on here, it's sort of like having a job!