Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Wonderful Site For Animal Transport And Rescue

The name of this site is Operation Roger. From what I can gather it's a rescue operation that also transports animals free of cost for non profit animal rescue groups etc. From what I can gather the name comes from Roger a Toy Manchester Terrier who was a rescue. There is a small animal rescue listing page, rescue stories etc. Check out these good Samaritans and what they do.
This website was brought to my attention because Arrow Trucking in Tulsa Oklahoma went out of business. (I hate to go on ad nauseum but I'm truly talented @ it) Not only did they go out of business Arrow Trucking left it's drivers stranded out on the road with no fuel money. Damlier Finance is repossessing the trucks and from what I gather they are giving part of the drivers bus fare home. The problem? You can only take so much with you on a bus. We've only been in this truck for a couple months out on the road this time but I have probably $100 worth of groceries, 6 big suitcases, extra shoes and coats for both of us, laptop obviously, bedding, plus the usual frig, tv, microwave, some even have port a potties or carry small bar-b que grills and lawn chairs. This isn't going on a bus and no one is paying to get it home except for the truck drivers whose last paycheck and maybe the one before that one from Arrow bounced. Most ex-Arrow drivers are just abandoning their gear which is sad. What makes it doubly tragic is the season and probably not being paid for work done or even in some cases not having insurance the company was supposed to be paying for.

BUT to get to the point of my post what about the pets these drivers had? I don't know if they were allowed pets or not but if they were I'm sure there are several drivers stranded with pets since I know truck drivers and usually if they want a pet they put it in the truck regardless.

Topix suggested Operation Roger as a possible solution for these ex-Arrow drivers. I hope it is working out for everyone.

I know we would have to rent a car to get home if this situation arose with us but we own our own truck but they do break. Also I've heard of so many dogs lost @ truck stops and by travelers, this is why Dispatch is chipped and I try to keep his id on him too @ all times.

Anyway check out these kind souls @ operation Roger and what they do for animal rescue.
And I"ve been doing well @ posting (not so well on reading and commenting) but Happy Holidays to all once again, we might have a white Christmas in the midwest but we will be home before that!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas, Tiger Woods, Web, and Dispatch of course!

On Animals that give I have a post about Dispatch pawing frantically @ my arm and wanting to be held CLOSE, it's called assume the position because I spend much of my day now riding in the truck holding him if he weasels his way on my lap.
This picture is not Dispatch sitting on my lap. It's what he does as an alternative. He stares into a black hole in the dash of the truck. There is nothing there? It's actually a drawer you can throw stuff into from above. The truck makes noises with it's motor and road noises sound like they are coming from the motor. Read the other blog and you will get the drift. The motor is sort of there and he is....?
Call me Polyanna and stupid but I wrote a post on Tresa's Blog about Tiger Woods and how he's a dog but most men are dogs.....I said MOST, ok it should have been SOME?
Also my daughter has her website up about her pet care business. Check it out and if you are in KS? The kid rescued a opossum and tried to keep it as a pet. What more can I say other than her nickname was Elly Mae for all her "critters"..... See if you can find the Charlie and Mugsey pictures, the yorkiepoo and the golden lab.
AND Happy Holidays, we are alive and well. We've been living healthier lives (no smoking, almost no sweets, husband now knows how to look for carbs on food labels, he's mildly diabetic, we both need to loose weight) Anyway I haven't done much for a month but ride with him in the truck, solve sudoku avidly, and I did clean a bit before I left home, I have 5 garbage sacks of clothes for charity and relatives and Christy's shorts from high school cheerleading are no longer with us. It's been 15 years and I still had the shorts.. I could wear them too!! LOL
That is my excuse for not blogging or keeping in touch. We also aren't heating the computer room @ home all the time so that cuts down on computer time. But I've been thinking of you all and feeling bad about not blogging or commenting and I want to wish everyone the happiest, most peaceful holiday season ever. And we might even eat a piece of candy then too!! ;-)