Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If I Could, This is What I Would Do With My Life

The people @ Seer Farms take pets and board them for individuals or families who cannot afford regular boarding fees and who have lost their homes, can't find pet friendly housing, or just need temporary boarding for their pets because of the economy or life changes.  This is a wonderful effort and actually sounds like it might be a workable charity idea?  Since my husband calls me Ellie Maye Clampett anyway and insists we only have one little dog @ a time (we can have a big dog too but we haven't found the perfect one, anyone have a giant bichon?  LOL) I can't do this but it's a GREAT idea for someone who is looking to channel a love of animals into a worthwhile endeavor.  Seer Farms was recently featured in a USA Today article,  the article is an excellent read about a couple on the way to deliver their first child looking for pet boarding.....

Once again one of my favorite has a new bichon finder.....OK, pet finder, Pets911.  Pretty cool huh?  I found Ice close to my home,

OK not ice a Bichon puppy named Ice who was turned in to the shelter from a commercial breeder because he was TOO BIG!  4.5 lb and he was born 7/12/10, now I'm not too sure what Dispatch (my bichon) was when he was that old but I'm pretty sure it was over 4.5 lb.  In other words this dog may weigh 25 lb when grown, but that is really stretching it.  Dispatch used to weigh 17 and he is like at the top of the size for show bichons....he's a mutt though.  Anyway Ice is available for Adoption from Thistle Hills Rescue, in Birch Tree, MO. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Presidential Pets and A VERY SPECIAL Bichon Frise

When President Obama was newly elected I wrote a bit about his choice of a puppy, and whether it would be a Portuguese Water Spaniel or a Labradoodle. 
Then of course the Presidential family has chosen Bo.
This nice lady sent me this link yesterday to a blog entry about Presidential Pets.  She writes that pets give comfort and normalcy to the presidential family.  This is true of all families and people I think.  I was fretting over paperwork and filing, what to take to the basement, what needed to stay up on the first floor, why should I keep any of it on the first floor if I could not FIND anything.......and then my bichon, Dispatch, was hungry. He's had his eating problems in the past.  He is picky and the food bowl "scares" him.  I went into the kitchen to tell him it's OK to eat and finally (DUHHHHH) got him a heavier bowl and a mat that does not let stuff slide around and he ate.  By himself.  I didn't have to be there.....I used to have to watch him eat, hold the food bowl, or listen to him BEG for me to do these things.  Or give up and feed him on the floor.  Kibble, not canned food on the floor----- do you think I'm an idiot-----don't answer that.  The point of this story is I forgot all about my problems with rearranging things that really don't matter because of Dispatch.  Then I could really focus and blog instead of filing....NO, I have a plan for rearranging paperwork and am not stressing anymore.  This is what pets can do for us.  Besides sit on the lace tablecloth in the dining room and look like "huh me? What am I doing wrong?"

Last but not least if you live in California or one of the neighboring states and have a  place in your heart for a  very special little bundle of Joy, meet Petey.  He is available @ Bichon FurKids Rescue, along with other Bichons of course.  You see in this photo Petey  is laying down, there is a reason for this.  He was born with a partially unformed back leg and when he was 6 or 7 the other hind leg became tired.  His family turned him into a shelter but he was afraid, and of course he wondered why his little world had turned upside down.   BUT Petey being a special Bichon got a cart after he was was taken in to foster by Bichon FurKids Rescue.  He can use it on grass even!  There is a video on his page, be sure to see it, you should see Petey go. If you've ever seen a Bichon in action you can imagine how glad Petey was to be able to run again!  Petey is one fantastic little dog who is available for adoption. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Charitable Trust, Help Save Unwanted Bichons

As you can see a Bichon Frise takes rather easily to being spoiled.  They are also climbers or @ least mine is.  I discovered a new charity on facebook that helps these little angels (those are NOT horns growing out of his head, it's a crooked halo!) Help Save Unwanted Bichons takes in, vets, trains, and rehomes these little clowns. 
You can also do a search on facebook to find other resources to help these little fluffballs and other dogs.
I also came across some excellent online resources about dealing with the loss of a pet.  This one from Home Vet is wonderful.  Another is available at

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dog Does The Butt Bounce and Goosestep

Repeat after me, TC is a BADDDDDD blogger, a horrible blogger. But you see TC sort of has a job writing, of all things. Believe it or not they even pay her. She is getting a disease from this though, talking in the 3rd person disease is the correct name she believes....
Her dog is only slightly less crazy as you well know. He is doing his usual thing here...enjoy.
TC writes much better when being paid but she has been writing instructions about using a command line and a terminal window......