Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess What This Is? Or Another Way To Torture The Dog

I wrote about my problems uploading pictures on my other blog Florence View.
When I got Picasa I was going through some folders I didn't know I had.
I didn't do this, didn't even know it existed, was in my daughters folder on my computer she scanned many moons ago.
I was like is that part of the dog licking screen screensaver?  Nope it's just the bottom side of Dispatch the Bichon.

Now my day is complete, I can go to bed.  I have no idea how she got him to stand so still.  The thing does make noise ya know?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Am So Slow

First of all grandson lost first two matches so he was out almost immediately Thursday @ state, he was so relieved to not have to wrestle again  it was like night and day.  It's something to make it to state as a freshman so he was happy just to be there.   The opening ceremonies with the wrestlers coming into the gym was rather impressive, I guess it was just the music but it was almost Olympic like.  I'll post in a bit (which means today or sometime in February) about the elderly gestapo @ the wrestling meet on Tresa's Blog.  You say you haven't heard of the elderly gestapo?  Well you should read about them and be warned.  They are after your cheese sticks.  They want your cheese sticks so you will buy their $3 candy bars.  REGULAR candy bars, not like imported chocolate or anything.


That's my daughter and two unkempt dogs in the picture above.  That is part of the reason I haven't posted.  She has been here for a week almost.  She's gone now and we miss her, the house is Charlie the Yorkie Poo and Dispatch wrestling and wrestling.  They fought a few times but were getting better, the playing far outweighed the fighting.  The dogs both got a bath before she left.  My other daughter has been here a couple times, we went over there, it snowed, that was fun.  21 miles on roads that you couldn't tell where the road ended and the shoulder started and 3 of the grandkids were with us, she drove.   Over the river and through the woods......  

I have a part time job, I could do it in the truck but I've got some other things to do so I'm home still or again or whatever.  I'm helping my cousin with websites, the one I'm working on has hand painted candles, glasses, and wedding sets, they are available for shipping.  The site isn't complete but if anyone would like to look @ it email tcscarlet at yahoo dot com.  I also fooled around MUCH more than I should have with the magic of facebook and irritating relatives and friends with old photos last week.

My husband was home for more than he's been home since December too.  His mother is 85 and had open heart surgery and a bit of complication.  She is in rehab now but she is 120 miles away, we did get to go see her Saturday, she was up walking which translated to being drug by 3 nurses in my book but I know it's a long road to recovery.  My Father in Law is there with her, he is 87 and no he isn't driving back and forth, he stays @ the hospital most of the time.  A big winter storm was moving in but wasn't supposed to get here till later that night.  True to form it SNOWED on the way home, big wet flakes but then rained for like 24 hours.  Our snow is STILL not gone after 24 hr of rain!  Then it turned to snow again and left a dusting. 

So that is what has been happening. I would say I should be on here regularly now but those are often famous last words.......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Grandson Made State In Wrestling!

Nothing to do with animals unless you want to call my grandkids animals and since we are going to the wrestling tournament I don't know about that.  JUST KIDDING

My grandson is going to state wrestling for the 4th year in a row.  It's his first year in high school and he is ranked 10th in state.  He also got super grades but  I don't want to sound like one of those Christmas letters where everything is sweetness and light and our lives are perfect, little Suzie graduated from College @ 10 and we just buried our first million in the backyard. The truth is we've got more than one close relative in the hospital and I'm trying to work a part time job and get taxes done and it's just not happening, pay is behind because of UPS..... and the stupid snow won't melt and it's supposed to snow again.

It is pretty cool though, here Zach is as apple festival King in 2008. I'll let you all know how it all goes but it might not be till this weekend, it's a 3 day deal if he wins.

Zach and his Queen last year

Zach,Marcus,Jacob, and Sara
And Zach, Marcus, Sara, and Jacob.

Grandma almost bruised her fist Saturday when he was wrestling in the finals, do or die match before state. One of the other guys told Zach he thought his grandma was going to erupt. I have no idea what he was talking about?  No one told me to be quiet because they were yelling louder I think?

And I'll tell you a secret, hope I don't jinx it.  The other two boys?  It's not impossible they both go to state for junior high and elementary this year.  3 boys in state.........I might have to get a t shirt or a bumper sticker?   Yes we are all pretty proud.

End of obnoxious grandma bragging, back to our regularly scheduled programming......
The quality of this video isn't the greatest but you can get the idea. Dispatch walks for long distances on his hind legs. He's stopped traffic doing it.  I think he's pretty good, he really can go like 20 feet but has to be in the mood.

He can also turn circles and walk backwards.  He doesn't always need a treat to do this, just want something like attention.  Today he needed a treat. 

I am talking babytalk, I really can enunciate and say words properly, actually I talk more like Marilyn Monroe (really it's Joan Rivers).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Latest In Well Loved Dogs

I believe it was my daughter who said she wasn't spoiled, just well loved.  So even though she thinks my dog is so very spoiled we will call spoiled dogs (maybe owners too) well loved.  Bichon Frise have this natural ability to expect to be spoiled also.

Mattel is coming out with a tweeting dog collar.  You read it right.  The collar sends random tweets to a usb receiver that then tweets them so it's not really what the dog is doing.  I suppose the dog has to be moving though so you know your dog is doing something if it's tweeting.

So does this mean your dog is spoiled?  
Notice the Tennis Ball Motif in the center of the bed.   Also notice the dog hasn't had a bath or brushing in awhile.  That means he is more spoiled because he got his way.  Or mama is lazy?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Deer, Snow, Bichon Frise, 3

Yes I filmed and filmed Deer, see the previous two videos, 1 and 2.  Once again no Bichons or Deer were harmed in the filming.

I hope you enjoyed.  These animals truly did give me pause.
I wonder if the bichon would have chased them, he probably would have freaked if they had came any closer?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Deer, Snow, Bichon Frise, 2

I get up and this is what I see, I have some still pictures too but they turned out crappy.  There were two other deer that aren't in these, I don't have close ups of them. Once again the dog was not harmed.  He screams like an injured child when I go to leave him in the car, we will have to get a video of that.  Trust me the deer are better behaved @ times.
Anyway I saw 3 canadian geese after this, chased two other deer and saw a bald eagle.  We don't live in a wilderness preserve but it felt like it.

I love the snow falling too, you can see it if you look real close.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deer, Snow, Bichon Frise, Nano Nano

No Deer, Bichon Frise, or Aliens were harmed in the filming of this.

I get up Friday morning, the world is topsey turvey because my MIL is sick and then there are deer in my yard eating my dried flowers.  More tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bichon Frise and Terrier In Snow

I was trying to get a movie of Dispatch frolicking in the snow.  Evidently it's too cold for frolicking?  Skeeter the black dog is like @ least 15 years old, she's frolicking.  She lives with us when we are home, if we aren't home she lives with my cousin.  The neighbor dogs try to live with us too?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here and There....

Not Going to Be Able to Comment for a day or so..... All is fine ......Dispatch says it's COLD!!  Supposedly I have a post for tomorrow yet ready to go. 

Bichon, Bichon Frise, Adoption and Grooming

 I Have Unlimited Bandwidth And A Big Computer
I know most of you are saying so what.  Well with ATT you don't have unlimited bandwidth and with hughes you get shut down if you use too much in one day.  You can use all you want between 3 am and 6 am, isn't that sweet?  Anyway my connection may not stay on for long periods but I am not limited in what I watch.  I was going to work on taxes and my ongoing battle with UPS but......
Here's an old Animal Planet Video of Bichons, great for anyone to watch who is considering getting one.  And getting their hair to look like that?  The curly sort of dreadlocky thing is easy.  The fluff like a plush carpet.  Not so easy.  Otherwise they are perfect.

The next video is by BBird there are a bunch more on youtube by her.  Groom Studio is the name.  She was my first inspiration and source of information for correctly grooming a bichon.  Here's a link to her website and scissoring a bichon head.  As I have an insistent little head pushing up on my arm because I won't help him on my lap.  Sort of like a bull  in miniature, a bull crossed with a bulldozer?

This is Buttons.  Her family gave her to a kill shelter because they thought she was too old.  She may have 10 more years to live, she is only 10 now and bichons are very healthy long lived dogs.  She is in Deleware now.
Go here to ask about her.
Now we have Gidget.  She is 5 months.  If you REALLY want an energetic bichon this is it.  It seems her family turned her back  in because she was just too energetic for them.  Puppies are energetic but she is like high maintenance, that said you will have a wonderful companion when she settles down.  SHE   MUST HAVE TRAINING.  Gidget is in PA.
Of course there are many more pets on  If you are thinking of buying a dog, cat, or another animal please just browse, adoption may be the way to go for you and it rescues some animal from a lonely life.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Dog Talks to Me And a Couple Blogs

 Brought on by a post Your Lack Of Animal Grace.  Great Blog Life in All 4 rooms, she actually thinks before she writes unlike me.  Or maybe it's just I type and don't reread?  But look @ it this way, you are taking the pressure off the relatives to read emails, although they never come visit here......:-(  Perhaps I exaggerate.

This is how I think Dispatch talks about me sometimes.  I really don't think he doesn't like me as much as the dog in the poem above.
 Mon cherie (he talks like pepe le pew, cartoon skunk ya know, just clarifying) mon cherie, vou have geeven the puppeee ard food again.  Mon Cherie, voy know puppee requires steak or chickeeeen cooked of course.  Merci, Beucoup
Mon Cherie needs to shave her legs and wax her lip....
This is another great blog Lost and Found In India.  She does mention a dog so it can go on the Animals Blog because that's how I classify things.  That's how I also lose things.

And this has been on here before but I think it's really cute, it's how Dispatch really talks.  If you've seen it previously forgive me please.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Daily Dispatch And Mama

And now we have our Daily Dispatch.  This picture was taken when he obviously had not consented to letting me brush him yet (lets say January 2004), I also did not know what a bichon was or that he was a bichon, he was a funny looking poodle though.  I'm not sure why the kitty was outside as she lived in the basement where he drug her by her tail away from her food bow most of the time but she might have been living up to her name meow meow and driving me nuts.  Kitty caused Dispatches first visit to the vet as she did scratch him once when he was running away.  Caught his little man parts and they swelled and swelled.  It was fine after a little ointment but this is part of the reason why Dispatch really has it out for most cats.  I've changed the curtains since then.  I inherited those from my ex step mother.  Just didn't want you to think my taste ran to that. Just sayin....

Meow meow the cat?  I'm sure some will say I'm a horrible person for this but I let her outside part of the time and she might have been killed.  She might have died of old age too I don't know.  You see we didn't know how old the cat was.  Or the cats sex.  Do you see how furry the cat was?  There was NO WAY to determine exactly, it was probably a girl.  My daughter brought it to me.  She got it from her mother in law.  Do you want to know WHY said mother in law got this cat from the pound and immediately had to get rid of it?  It was MEAN to her, would get under the bed and growl and hiss and growl when MIL walked by.  Bye Bye Kitty.  But get this my daughter gave me a cat that seemed to attack another woman?  Granted the cat was meek and mild with us but......It loved to sit between my husbands neck and the computer chair if it could worm it's way in there, mean kitty.  I remember WHY the cat was outside now, I was outside, did you think those flowerbeds planted themselves?  Probably Skeeter the dog had a great deal to do with Meow Meow disappearing, she hates cats.  Only chases them when I can't see though.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ohio Dog Need New Home Sunday!! FOUND HOME!!!

This is Tipper.
My Friend Jan Mader rescued her and she is in Ohio.
Please go to Jan's blog for details.  Tipper is a beautiful dog and needs a home.

Tipper found a home on Sunday.  Whoooo HOOOOOOO!!!!

Animal Links February 6, 2010

I had to add this too.  Women posing nude on calendars for pets, I thought my posing nude on calendar days were over but maybe not.  I'M KIDDING OK!!  I can hear my kids.......

Pet Weather Vanes here.  Put Petagree as a discount code and get 10% off

My friend Bev lost her Bichon Bailey recently, I hadn't kept up with her,  :-( because her blog moved (and I am a bad person).  She has a very good pet blog and works for Iams so she has some very interesting information and lots of good links.  I haven't finished reading about what happened with Bailey because I can't (yes I'm that weak and wimpy) but she was a sweet sweet bichon with a wonderful caring owner.

100 Bully Sticks for $0.75 each, you have to buy 100 but still if you need quite a few.......

Here's an article about the search and rescue dogs who went to Haiti, it's a bit dated but interesting.  Doesn't the man in the picture have a Richard Chamberlain look about him, I don't care what Richard was he wouldn't have been if he'd stayed with Meg in the Thornbirds.....or I had gotten ahold of him.  I suppose ahold isn't a real word?  Probably some hillbilly thing because there's a red line under it in blogger?  How would Ellie May have ever catched any critters if she couldn't get ahold of em?

And pictures of the panda Tai Shan who is going to China from the National Zoo in Washington DC to help Chinas panda breeding program. You can send a panda e-card  here.

Dispatch is better.  He's eating and drinking and no more diahrrhea! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick Bichon Frise

Sick Bichon Frise
Dispatch says there is a special place in heaven for those who get up multiple times in the middle of the night to stand outside with a sick bichon frise (in the middle of a town braless with baggy sweats on in a parking lot @ 1:00am and 3:00am, overshare I know but I was like I can't believe I'm doing this, and Dispatch was like getting 20 ft away, in the grass to the side, I don't let my dog go potty where people walk, and I'm thinking if something scares him I'm going to have to RUN to get him.....).

So when we get back in here he has to try and share his extreme joy that he got to go potty and mommy didn't forget him and he didn't have to make a mess (he hates human flatulence BTW, not that I do that and when I do it smells like roses but he will move off your lap if you do it more than once potently).  So he's trying to share his joy but the problem is Daddy is ASLEEP and Dispatch is trying to share the joy with EVERYONE, plus it's rained for 3 days so Dispatch being low to the ground was WET.  He felt SO much better, evidently he sat up in the seat and whined for awhile before thickheaded mommy got up.  So when Dispatch does decide he can sleep again it's on the pillow beside mommy's head which places bichon butt way too close to mommy for comfort but we lived.

The reason for the sickness?  Our friends got a doggie bag for meatloaf we had and Dispatch smelled it while meeting some other people and was doing the I can walk forever on my hind legs for food dance, he got the meatloaf.  BTW he met an apricot poodle named Buffy, Buffy treated him like he treats big dogs.  Dispatch was like me!   You don't like ME?  But I am Dispatch, big fluffy white angel dog.  (he was big compared with Buffy).  Anyway he begged for cream when I put some in my coffee too and I gave him a dash, the meatloaf and the cream was just too much thus doggie diarrhea.  He's always had a bit of a sensitive stomach, I used to feed him cereal with bran when he was little.  Somehow people think this is SPOILING a dog?  Evidently they don't have a bichon?

So I didn't have any regular pepto bismol so I crunched up part of a tablet and put a little milk on it and he got most of it down with a bit of persuasion.  I don't see how he can have anything left to poop so we will see how today goes. 

This is how he looks when he feels good, actually he blitzed a bit this morning so I think it's over or not serious.

Update: Dispatch actually feels a bit better,after another piece of pepto.  He is hyper and like attached to his Daddy right now and since Daddy is sort of occupied driving the semi Dispatch is on a chain part of the time.  I think the pepto makes his obsessive compulsive behavior worse? He's going to wear one of us out though trying to be as close to Daddy as possible.  He may still be looking for the border patrol that we met earlier. He hates border patrol although I'm pretty sure he's a citizen?

7 PM, he ate a bit of dry dog food and drank.  We stopped @ Wal Mart and he took a couple walks while we were there.  So far he hasn't been sick any more so I think he's on the mend.  NO MORE MEAT LOAF, could have been the grease off the pork chop bones they gave him too.  BTW I threw the pork chop bones out the window after Dis ate the good off of them so he wouldn't chew on them and choke.  I forgot there was traffic around us!  LOL

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010 Animal News

Pet Food Direct has 15% off today, I've never used them but 15% is 15%.

If you haven't read about the cat that could predict death you should.

Read about the exotic animal sanctuary where the only chimp in the state of Indiana is available for public viewing.  They had to turn away 100 animals last year.

Today is my Nephews birthday Mikey, he teaches school in TX and he is 43 (yes he is 43 and I still call him Mikey) which means he isn't much younger than I am.  He could be classified as an animal so.......
Above image may be slightly distorted.  Don't worry he would do the same for me I'm sure.

Here's a link to download Hachikos story, the Japanese dog who waited 10 years for his master.  I didn't check this one out as I have limited bandwidth but if you google the name you will find all sort of sites to download the movie for free.  

And because I'm in the sleeper of the truck and we are going around corners I will quit for now.  But here's how dog and cat owners differ.

And here last but not least is a picture of Newman my nephew Mikey's dog.  Newman has a new toy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

79,977 Views And Labrador Retrievers, One SAD Story

79,977 is what the counter down @ the bottom right hand side says.  I can't remember if I started out with zero or 50 or what but I didn't put the counter on right away so it's all legit.  Of course I want to thank everyone who follows and everyone who comments and those who just lurk. (I do one of these sappy posts if I happen to notice every 10,000 views, I check it hourly don't stress about it.  There are lots of lurkers.  In fact last time I looked there were only about 100 steady repeat visitors. (yes I know these things)  BUT that means I've warped the minds of about 78,877 people right?  Anyway thanks, I used to do these posts all the time then I tried to go to wordpress and was getting more traffic here without updating hardly at all so I will continue to have both blogs for the time being and as far as I know keep this one forever or until blogger decides it hates me.  The other one is  and there are a few articles on it in September through December that aren't on here.  In case anyone cares.  Or has actually read this far.

Anyway as I said before Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog in America.  I had a Golden Lab, Mugsey, I know most of you know that but there might be some whom I haven't bored to death yet new people here so hush.  Here is his page.

And now Voila, I the great and powerful OZ, time to take the meds again  will show you pets from petfinder and LINKS OMG real LINKS you can click on.  You won't want to be here in the morning so enjoy me now, I forgot to fill up my thermos cuz hubby was sick and I was worried about him.  Me without coffee = something between a cross sow bear waking from hibernation and a lion being teased.  Seriously now, look @ these pictures and try to resist?

This is Beyla a young golden lab by the looks of her.  She does look like a girly Mugsey.  BEAUTIFUL isn't she.  Let me tell you labradors will take a place in your heart.  Beyla is available for adoption and is in Ardmore OK.   There are almost 20,000 labrador retrievers for adoption on petfinder.  Almost enough to go around?

This is Marilyn, so named because of her beautiful eyes.  Like Marilyn Monroe ya know?  She is in Wolfe City TX.

This puppy is about 6 weeks old and is in New Jersey.  I don't know the whole story but there are 6 puppies, you can see the others in the background.  They are from Puerto Rico.  They are terrier lab mixes.  Someone blinded the mother on purpose and threw her on the street where she became pregnant with this litter.  A horrible story but hopefully one with a happier ending for the puppies.

Ruminations On Dog Breeds And Westminster.

In continuing in the tradition of my blithering idiocity and penchant for totally useless knowledge.  WHERE in the name of little green apples did they put the spellcheck for blogger?? WHERE?  Oh I see there are like 300 questions on the blogger discussion boards, spellcheck aint there folks.  Since when isn't idiocity a real word?  It's one of my favorite along with ad nauseum which blogger doesn't like EITHER.

Back to Dog Breeds, I found it fascinating that the AKC has added these new breeds.  (not fascinating but there is a 1/1000000000 chance you will be asked this question so listen up, can you tell I'm on a diet and cranked, on LEGAL pills silly).
TAAAA DAAAAAH NEW DOG BREEDS    (trumpets blaring)

Redbone Coonhounds**
Bluetick Coonhounds**
Irish Red and White Setters**
Boykin Spaniels**
Norwegian Elkhounds**
Pyrenean Shepherds**

Aren't you all glad you stayed for that?  It's the AMERICAN Kennel Club and Redbone Coonhounds weren't a breed?  That seems rather weird to me.  I also love the name  Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers.  Here ducky ducky, fly to me little ducky ducky.

Believe it or not has like 30 Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers for adoption, many in the US!

There's a nice story about a lady and her Chihuahua (spelled that all by myself, thank you very much) going to Westminster which starts February 11.

BTW in case you were wondering there are 731 bichon frise on under bichon.  The one below is here and he can be adopted for $75, he's spent 12 years in a puppy mill.