Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Grandson Made State In Wrestling!

Nothing to do with animals unless you want to call my grandkids animals and since we are going to the wrestling tournament I don't know about that.  JUST KIDDING

My grandson is going to state wrestling for the 4th year in a row.  It's his first year in high school and he is ranked 10th in state.  He also got super grades but  I don't want to sound like one of those Christmas letters where everything is sweetness and light and our lives are perfect, little Suzie graduated from College @ 10 and we just buried our first million in the backyard. The truth is we've got more than one close relative in the hospital and I'm trying to work a part time job and get taxes done and it's just not happening, pay is behind because of UPS..... and the stupid snow won't melt and it's supposed to snow again.

It is pretty cool though, here Zach is as apple festival King in 2008. I'll let you all know how it all goes but it might not be till this weekend, it's a 3 day deal if he wins.

Zach and his Queen last year

Zach,Marcus,Jacob, and Sara
And Zach, Marcus, Sara, and Jacob.

Grandma almost bruised her fist Saturday when he was wrestling in the finals, do or die match before state. One of the other guys told Zach he thought his grandma was going to erupt. I have no idea what he was talking about?  No one told me to be quiet because they were yelling louder I think?

And I'll tell you a secret, hope I don't jinx it.  The other two boys?  It's not impossible they both go to state for junior high and elementary this year.  3 boys in state.........I might have to get a t shirt or a bumper sticker?   Yes we are all pretty proud.

End of obnoxious grandma bragging, back to our regularly scheduled programming......


Ciss B said...

That is fabulous!!! Congrats!!!

SquirrelQueen said...

You go Grandma, you have every right to brag (and have the t shirt and bumper stickers printed). That is fantastic!

I hope your fist isn't too sore.


AL said...

Oh yes! Congratulations, don't worry about the stupid snow it will melt eventually.


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Denise Taylor said...

I think bragging about pets, children and grandchildren are all permitted! Brag away :}

Lily Robinson said...

Congrats! It's part of the grandma job... to brag on their accomplishments. Tell him all of BLogville is cheering him on!