Monday, February 1, 2010

79,977 Views And Labrador Retrievers, One SAD Story

79,977 is what the counter down @ the bottom right hand side says.  I can't remember if I started out with zero or 50 or what but I didn't put the counter on right away so it's all legit.  Of course I want to thank everyone who follows and everyone who comments and those who just lurk. (I do one of these sappy posts if I happen to notice every 10,000 views, I check it hourly don't stress about it.  There are lots of lurkers.  In fact last time I looked there were only about 100 steady repeat visitors. (yes I know these things)  BUT that means I've warped the minds of about 78,877 people right?  Anyway thanks, I used to do these posts all the time then I tried to go to wordpress and was getting more traffic here without updating hardly at all so I will continue to have both blogs for the time being and as far as I know keep this one forever or until blogger decides it hates me.  The other one is  and there are a few articles on it in September through December that aren't on here.  In case anyone cares.  Or has actually read this far.

Anyway as I said before Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog in America.  I had a Golden Lab, Mugsey, I know most of you know that but there might be some whom I haven't bored to death yet new people here so hush.  Here is his page.

And now Voila, I the great and powerful OZ, time to take the meds again  will show you pets from petfinder and LINKS OMG real LINKS you can click on.  You won't want to be here in the morning so enjoy me now, I forgot to fill up my thermos cuz hubby was sick and I was worried about him.  Me without coffee = something between a cross sow bear waking from hibernation and a lion being teased.  Seriously now, look @ these pictures and try to resist?

This is Beyla a young golden lab by the looks of her.  She does look like a girly Mugsey.  BEAUTIFUL isn't she.  Let me tell you labradors will take a place in your heart.  Beyla is available for adoption and is in Ardmore OK.   There are almost 20,000 labrador retrievers for adoption on petfinder.  Almost enough to go around?

This is Marilyn, so named because of her beautiful eyes.  Like Marilyn Monroe ya know?  She is in Wolfe City TX.

This puppy is about 6 weeks old and is in New Jersey.  I don't know the whole story but there are 6 puppies, you can see the others in the background.  They are from Puerto Rico.  They are terrier lab mixes.  Someone blinded the mother on purpose and threw her on the street where she became pregnant with this litter.  A horrible story but hopefully one with a happier ending for the puppies.


Lily Robinson said...

They are adorable, but one lab in the house is enough!

I think a lot of people just read the posts that show up in their dashboards. I am guilty. I didn't visit the other site very much. I'm glad you came back here.

AL said...

I like Marilyn's eyes, they're so tantalizing!

Josie said...

I do read your other blog, because I commented on Still Life with Pigs. Your postings are quite thought provoking. And honest. The dog situation in other countries is even worse than one can imagine. Here in the U.S.A. it is bad, but in third world countries it is even worse. I have cruised Petfinder recently and have seen quite a few posts for animals from Puerto Rico. But the story you posted is so so sad. It's bad enough the people can't feed themselves, but how about the animals roaming the streets. And what about in Haiti? Do you think anyone cares about the animals in Haiti? I wonder sometimes about that. It makes me sad. Woof soon, much love to you.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh those eyes, I can see how people can fall in love with Labs.

I suspect you are being read a lot but so many folks don't comment. I get about a thousand hits a week on one of my blogs but no where near that many comments.

Yours is one of the blogs I like to take my time, read, follow the links with, hopefully, no interruptions (only two so far tonight).


TC said...

Lily I know it's just easier on blogger and easy is good. Now I'm getting some traffic on the other one though!
Yes AL Marilyn does have the prettiest eyes.
Josie I know you read the other one. I thank you. Don't know about Haiti but I imagine they are starting to think about the animals now.
Judy I value your comments and thank you for all of them. I can always count on ONE comment on most everything and it's yours. Thank you {{{{{{}}}}}}