Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010 Animal News

Pet Food Direct has 15% off today, I've never used them but 15% is 15%.

If you haven't read about the cat that could predict death you should.

Read about the exotic animal sanctuary where the only chimp in the state of Indiana is available for public viewing.  They had to turn away 100 animals last year.

Today is my Nephews birthday Mikey, he teaches school in TX and he is 43 (yes he is 43 and I still call him Mikey) which means he isn't much younger than I am.  He could be classified as an animal so.......
Above image may be slightly distorted.  Don't worry he would do the same for me I'm sure.

Here's a link to download Hachikos story, the Japanese dog who waited 10 years for his master.  I didn't check this one out as I have limited bandwidth but if you google the name you will find all sort of sites to download the movie for free.  

And because I'm in the sleeper of the truck and we are going around corners I will quit for now.  But here's how dog and cat owners differ.

And here last but not least is a picture of Newman my nephew Mikey's dog.  Newman has a new toy.


Bo said...

I guess that is one cat you don't want a visit from!

petapparelfashion said...

this is so interesting! by the way, visit this page and you
will find everything about clothes and accesories for your pet (dog, cat) see you there! :)

Lily Robinson said...

Did he get the name from the Seinfeld character? It looks like him.

I am a cat and dog person. What does that say about me? Multiple personality disorder?

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Is that a bowling ball for a toy?? What a strong dog to be able to play with that toy! I don't know if I could even move it!!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

Josie said...

I saw that story about the cat in the nursing home. I do Pet Therapy and I cannot imagine that, but in the article it said that the patients actually appreciate the fact that the cat predicts the "upcoming" death. The family can be there or if they cannot be there, they know the person was not along. Pretty amazing. Can the dog bowl too??? Much Love! Woof!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Denise Taylor said...

I love pet food direct. We usually get our boys meds from there much cheaper than from other mail order places.

I am a dog person who adopted a cat 10 years ago when I lived somewhere that didn't allow dogs. Now I can't imagine not having both.

TC said...

No Bo you don't want a visit from that kitty!
Thanks for visiting petapparelfashion.
Yes Lily, Newman is from the Seinfeld character. I'm a dog and cat person too so .....
Yes Mistaya that is a bowling ball for a toy, he is a strong dog.
Josie I guess if I was a family member of an older person knowing would be good. I don't think the dog bowls but he tries to skateboard.
Denise thanks for the heads up on pet food direct, I think lots of us are dog and cat people.