Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behind and Getting Behinder

I've been trying to get caught up all day from the weekend, husband being home an extra day because of rain and running yesterday.

So my husband calls and tells me we are going home how soon can I be packed? At first we were taking the camper, now we are only going home for a bit and going in the car. I'm almost packed.
Dispatch is better, this is how he looked this moring. I think he was going for the sympathy vote. Anyway I won't be on for a couple days.

Dispatch is feeling better now. He was just dancing around my chair begging to be picked up and he's jumped in a chair twice now. He still won't go down stairs and he just sits in the middle of the living room when I go outside, usually he's @ the door barking and telling me which end is up but he is better.

This last picture is Dixie and Dispatch. She is our friends dog, he found her wandering around half starved. I think she is part shepherd and greyhound? She seems to be house trained, I let her out during the day, she's next door. Dispatch and she get along great, she does the belly crawl and says please don't hurt me Mr Cool one Dispatch and he ignores her.

I posted about this on animals that give so you aren't seeing double!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dispatch Is Going To The Vet

We are back from the vet and there is an update @ the bottom. GOOD NEWS, walking on air,…. sunshine oh yeah, can’t remember the rest of the words……..

He isn't that sick but he isn't that good either. He hasn't been wanting to go up and down steps, I even posted about it on He was grumpy last night when we were playing with the ball. Then I noticed I was having to lift him on the couch or the bed, he wouldn't jump up which is like weird, he can doing a bichon blitz off the bed like you won't believe. He did jump up on Daddy's leg this morning and I did get him to jump on the bed by opening the window (mama might escape?) but he just barely made it up there. He wouldn't jump up for tennis balls or anything. He has been yelping when he pawed the dirt after he poops which I thought was strange, I looked for a nail that was bothering him but nothing. Then just now he did it again when he was trying to tell me he wanted the tennis ball. He had been whining for the tennis ball because it's in my purse on a chair but normally he'd jump up on the chair and get it out of my purse. He won't come outside when I take the neighbors dog potty even when I leave the door open and talk baby talk to the other dog. He hasn't eaten or drank today, he pooped this morning but hasn't peed as far as I know. He won't even eat cheese!!!

You ask why I'm posting this? Why aren't I rushing to the Dr? They aren't taking walk ins till 2 pm so I've got a bit of time to kill. I'm actually typing so I will remain calm(tears have threatened to come a couple times and he may just have a pulled muscle or something, stupid dog). He isn't that comfortable with me holding him and I'm sure we will get plenty of together time @ the vets. Here's a picture of him I took a couple weeks ago and doctored up with photoshop. Doesn't he look sick? He's sleeping in his dog bed quite a bit too, he NEVER sleeps in his dog bed. And he's doing this funny thing he's always done, we call it yoga dog where he looks like he is stretching his neck up and he just poses like that for 5 -30 seconds, looks down and then does it again. But he's been doing it like 5 times as much the last couple days.

I will let you know. Good thoughts our way PLEASE!!

It was inflamed full full anal glands. They expressed them and did blood work because his little belly was rigid I guess his belly was rigid because his butt hurt because nothing else was wrong. In fact the vet used the word fantastic or amazing when describing how healthy he was otherwise!! I told Dispatches Daddy about it all and he said so basically we spent that much money because the dogs butt was sore? He has a way of putting things doesn’t he?

Oh and the assistant, the receptionist and the vet all had to stop in the middle of talking to me and tell Dis just how cute he was. I wonder why he is spoiled?

And if Sheila (I think that’s her name) from the dentists office reads this thank you for your help with getting a vet!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dog In Stroller Video

The long awaited dog stroller video on THE NEW IMPROVED MY (my is the operative word here as in I am in control can keep it sell it, put bad or good stuff on it etc.)Animals That Give Pause Blog!

And on Tresa's Blog
one of those mish mash posts, actually it's pretty much about giving to charity but it does have a fat picture of me on it. Anyone else gained weight on Plavix or Wellbutrin? Of course I'm not as active but this is getting ridiculous.

Seems we have had a national emergency declared, h1n1 and you here on Tresa's Blog.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prejudice and Kindness

That's the title of my new post on Tresa's Blog, you can get to it here. It's about those less fortunate than us and how a teacher can make a difference with one act of kindness.

Rainy lazy day here in SE TX, Louisiana had tornado warnings earlier. We had torrential rains, some of the guys ran over a water moccasin in the driveway where I walk. They said he was trying to get away from all the water? Hope there are no more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My New Page Family Mystery

I have a new page on Tresa's Blog.
My Family Mystery, it's long, real long with lots of links. We have a perfectly nice respectable family, but the page has murder, a wild boar, a gold ring and a rabbi on it, oh yeah, robber barons too. It was just the people who lived in the house that we are named after. Unless ........

AND it's got a very blurry self portrait of me illustrating my big nose with almost no makeup on. Confused? Good, go see what I'm talking about.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Posts

In case you've missed them! I have three new posts on my animals blog, it's NOT here btw anymore, I want to thank all the 60,000+ visitors I've had in the past year and encourage them to visit my new blog and bookmark it if they like or put in a reader. I decided to go with my own domain because this one was so successful as far as visitors coming.
Anyway the links ARE:
The Trained Dog? and Power Walk
Charlie the Yorkie Poo or Yorkiepoo or little snookums Refund as I like to call him, refund ya get it cuz he cost money. It's a joke, honest. The first time I chased him for 1/2 an hour when he was running away from me I thought it was appropriate.
A Dog Who can Read maybe not what you were expecting but interesting and food for thought.

And then on Tresa's Blog there's
The Awning and The Husband telling how I survived dancing on thin air and my husband survived telling me something was my fault.
Then I tried my hand @ photography for photography's sake on Country Reflection

And everyone have a good and safe weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crate Training the Dog and An Offensive? t-shirt

My latest posts are Crate Training The Older Dog on the new Animals That Give Pause. There is a place to be my friend on the lower right hand side too. Just like here. Click on the link above to go there. If you haven't visited before I'm moving all my blogs to my own domains except for Missouri Books.

The latest post on Tresa's Blog is about an offensive t-shirt or not offensive? Nobody is venturing an opinion and I ventured a question? I went to Goodwill (nope not above buying from them, some of it is still in the stores or has just came out) and bought some new t-shirts because I have a feeling it might be offensive. Of course there was that shirt I had when I was a teenager that said girldog across the front in airbrush with pretty clouds all around and you had to really look to see what it said. But yes I wore it proudly and no it really didn't say girldog, I'm just being PG here. But those were the days, I had a wifebeater that had the truckin dude across the front. We didn't wear bras........ and if my kids had gone out of the house like that it would not have been pretty.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm So Excited (and I just can't hide it)

Yes I'm so Excited and Just Can't Hide It. You ask why? I got Google Friend Connect installed on both of my new blogs Animals That Give Pause and Tresa's Blog. So if you want to??? You can go visit my new blogs and become my friend there. That is if you want to. NOT pressuring anyone, no sir no how no way.
go now go now go to the new blogs go to the new blogs go to the new blogs go to the new blogs goooo to the new blogs NOW you haven't gone yet? GO NOW i SAY!!!!!!
But I would never pressure anyone in anyway, no siree bob, wouldn't do that. GO NOW

Raining here. It was over 100 degree heat index yesterday, supposed to be cooler. Dispatch and I didn't get to take our walk because someone thought she had plenty of time before the rain started so she started writing on the new Animals Blog.

The next post I think I will do on the animals blog is one about Crate Training, I've actually got it done sort of!! With the Stubborn One no less. On Tresa's Blog I will have a post later about the Stepford wives that surround me. That is unless husband comes home. They might call it a day because of rain. He's in a truck but some of the people who actually have to get out and do thinkgs can't work if it's raining hard or thundering.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

European Followers and Ohio Kittens

This is sort of a mish mash as are most of my posts. On the REAL Animals That Give Pause I have a post about kittens in Ohio that need homes, and a lady who rescues them and has feral cats neutered and spayed. Jan let me repost it from Animal Talk.

I am also pleased and honored to have so many new followers from Europe. I'm only second generation American so I have recent ties to Germany and France. OK, not so much France but my great x 6 grandmother's name was Marie Jareau or Jereau. There's a story about a castle and a rabbi, brothers and a wild boar I will tell you some time that is pretty interesting. Has something to do with my German ancestors.

Also I have a new post about child proof caps on Tresa's Blog and if the chicken frying goes well this afternoon ( I cook for some of my husbands friends most evenings, I like to cook for lots of people and they contribute) I will have a new one on Tresa's Blog about my Stepford Wife Neighbors.

One of the bulldog puppies from yesterday didn't make it through the night, a white female, her lungs didn't seem to be right so it was for the best.

I warned you it was a mish mash and ya didn't believe me now huh huh, ya didn't believe me now, huh huh. Wasn't there a song like that from 72? The part about ya didn't believe me now huh huh, think deep guttural voice. It's in the back of my mind......

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Newborn Bulldog Puppies and Links to Other Stories

You guessed it, you need to go to the NEW animals that give pause . If you have my link in your google reader or my blog link on your blog it needs to be that address.
If you don't have time to go look @ the puppies now..... Opal had 5 and they are healthy.
There are quite a few links of funny or interesting stories in the post before the puppy post or the one before that.
Oh yeah! I have a post about Matthew McConaughey (vaguely) here
on Tresa's Blog.
AND I forget to tell anyone I had found quite a few interesting new blogs. Well they were to me, maybe I was on drugs but I definitely remember being entertained. I also have links to my OLD FRIENDS there also. Not that my friends are old, my blogging friends of longer acquaintance OK?
(insert cheesy grin here)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Animal News for October 1, 2009

You know you have to go to my new improved wonderful stupendous blog here to read these stories don't you? it's not here, you have to click on the link above to go there. If you don't know it yet I have a bunch of animal stories about a lost dog, a yorkie and a thief, my lab/golden retriever, my bichon frise, my daughters yorkie poo and a cat emancipator. Oh yeah the Gosselins and a woman eating goldfish and the dog flu too.
So go to my new blog PLEEAZE? I mean I've had like 1500 visitors a day here when I blogged about Obama's choice of a Labradoodle or a Portugese Water Dog. So how many do I get on my new blog like 6, a day. I'm not complaining or anything (yes I am WHINE WHINE) but I would really like to make a go of my new blog since I own it? So if you want these stories or are the tiniest bit curious go HERE.
Or if you want to read about my probably wrong opinions or my boring life you can go visit Tresa's Blog.
Right now I have to go pick up my medicine which I ordered @ a pharmacy that didn't take my insurance (duhhh) so I had to have it transferred, grocery shop and fix supper for the guys which I enjoy believe it or not! The cooking thing, not picking up medicine.