Thursday, October 8, 2009

European Followers and Ohio Kittens

This is sort of a mish mash as are most of my posts. On the REAL Animals That Give Pause I have a post about kittens in Ohio that need homes, and a lady who rescues them and has feral cats neutered and spayed. Jan let me repost it from Animal Talk.

I am also pleased and honored to have so many new followers from Europe. I'm only second generation American so I have recent ties to Germany and France. OK, not so much France but my great x 6 grandmother's name was Marie Jareau or Jereau. There's a story about a castle and a rabbi, brothers and a wild boar I will tell you some time that is pretty interesting. Has something to do with my German ancestors.

Also I have a new post about child proof caps on Tresa's Blog and if the chicken frying goes well this afternoon ( I cook for some of my husbands friends most evenings, I like to cook for lots of people and they contribute) I will have a new one on Tresa's Blog about my Stepford Wife Neighbors.

One of the bulldog puppies from yesterday didn't make it through the night, a white female, her lungs didn't seem to be right so it was for the best.

I warned you it was a mish mash and ya didn't believe me now huh huh, ya didn't believe me now, huh huh. Wasn't there a song like that from 72? The part about ya didn't believe me now huh huh, think deep guttural voice. It's in the back of my mind......


Rae said...

I have tried several times to leave comments on your new animal blog. Every time it tells me that comments are closed. Is it just me or is everyone having the same problem?

Denise Taylor said...

I had problems when I first started to subscribe to the new blog but it seems to only be occasional.

chicamom85 said...

I have had the same problem as Rae with commenting. I am sorry that the puppy didn't make it, the babies are so cute. My sister had many bulldogs at different times and I have a fondness for them.


TC said...

Evidently I have to check a check box every time I post or edit a post.
SORRY and thanks for telling me Rae. Now everyone go comment. I made sure they were enabled WHILE I WAS LOGGED Out for the last 6 posts or so.

TC said...

Thanks for stopping by Denise and Anne and Rae. It is too bad the puppy didn't make it, Sissy said JJ (puppies grandma) was doing ok though.