Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm So Excited (and I just can't hide it)

Yes I'm so Excited and Just Can't Hide It. You ask why? I got Google Friend Connect installed on both of my new blogs Animals That Give Pause and Tresa's Blog. So if you want to??? You can go visit my new blogs and become my friend there. That is if you want to. NOT pressuring anyone, no sir no how no way.
go now go now go to the new blogs go to the new blogs go to the new blogs go to the new blogs goooo to the new blogs NOW you haven't gone yet? GO NOW i SAY!!!!!!
But I would never pressure anyone in anyway, no siree bob, wouldn't do that. GO NOW

Raining here. It was over 100 degree heat index yesterday, supposed to be cooler. Dispatch and I didn't get to take our walk because someone thought she had plenty of time before the rain started so she started writing on the new Animals Blog.

The next post I think I will do on the animals blog is one about Crate Training, I've actually got it done sort of!! With the Stubborn One no less. On Tresa's Blog I will have a post later about the Stepford wives that surround me. That is unless husband comes home. They might call it a day because of rain. He's in a truck but some of the people who actually have to get out and do thinkgs can't work if it's raining hard or thundering.

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