Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behind and Getting Behinder

I've been trying to get caught up all day from the weekend, husband being home an extra day because of rain and running yesterday.

So my husband calls and tells me we are going home how soon can I be packed? At first we were taking the camper, now we are only going home for a bit and going in the car. I'm almost packed.
Dispatch is better, this is how he looked this moring. I think he was going for the sympathy vote. Anyway I won't be on for a couple days.

Dispatch is feeling better now. He was just dancing around my chair begging to be picked up and he's jumped in a chair twice now. He still won't go down stairs and he just sits in the middle of the living room when I go outside, usually he's @ the door barking and telling me which end is up but he is better.

This last picture is Dixie and Dispatch. She is our friends dog, he found her wandering around half starved. I think she is part shepherd and greyhound? She seems to be house trained, I let her out during the day, she's next door. Dispatch and she get along great, she does the belly crawl and says please don't hurt me Mr Cool one Dispatch and he ignores her.

I posted about this on animals that give so you aren't seeing double!


Lily Robinson said...

They make a cute couple. Glad he's doing better!

chicamom85 said...

I am so happy that Dispatch is feeling better. I hate when Sashy is sick. The snuggy blanket picture is so cute. Have a good trip.

Anne and Sasha

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm glad Dispatch is feeling better. Have a safe trip.

TC said...

Thanks Anne, Lily, and Judy. I've been shall we say occupied with husband. He's been sick, Dispatch is better I think. Will blog about it in a bit ...........

Gelisa said...

Glad Dispatch is better.

Have a nice trip