Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prejudice and Kindness

That's the title of my new post on Tresa's Blog, you can get to it here. It's about those less fortunate than us and how a teacher can make a difference with one act of kindness.

Rainy lazy day here in SE TX, Louisiana had tornado warnings earlier. We had torrential rains, some of the guys ran over a water moccasin in the driveway where I walk. They said he was trying to get away from all the water? Hope there are no more.


Lily Robinson said...

Yikes! The snakes I see around here are mostly teeny little worm-sized bullies. You can keep those water moccasins!

I'll go check out your new post...

AL said...

I have been there, TC.


TC said...

I didn't go see the water moccasin, probably won't walk till the floodwaters are gone Lily. Some places had 5 inches in 2 hours here so it stirred up the critters.
AL thanks for going and commenting, you don't know how much your support means to me.