Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dispatch Is Going To The Vet

We are back from the vet and there is an update @ the bottom. GOOD NEWS, walking on air,…. sunshine oh yeah, can’t remember the rest of the words……..

He isn't that sick but he isn't that good either. He hasn't been wanting to go up and down steps, I even posted about it on http://animalsthatgivepause.com/. He was grumpy last night when we were playing with the ball. Then I noticed I was having to lift him on the couch or the bed, he wouldn't jump up which is like weird, he can doing a bichon blitz off the bed like you won't believe. He did jump up on Daddy's leg this morning and I did get him to jump on the bed by opening the window (mama might escape?) but he just barely made it up there. He wouldn't jump up for tennis balls or anything. He has been yelping when he pawed the dirt after he poops which I thought was strange, I looked for a nail that was bothering him but nothing. Then just now he did it again when he was trying to tell me he wanted the tennis ball. He had been whining for the tennis ball because it's in my purse on a chair but normally he'd jump up on the chair and get it out of my purse. He won't come outside when I take the neighbors dog potty even when I leave the door open and talk baby talk to the other dog. He hasn't eaten or drank today, he pooped this morning but hasn't peed as far as I know. He won't even eat cheese!!!

You ask why I'm posting this? Why aren't I rushing to the Dr? They aren't taking walk ins till 2 pm so I've got a bit of time to kill. I'm actually typing so I will remain calm(tears have threatened to come a couple times and he may just have a pulled muscle or something, stupid dog). He isn't that comfortable with me holding him and I'm sure we will get plenty of together time @ the vets. Here's a picture of him I took a couple weeks ago and doctored up with photoshop. Doesn't he look sick? He's sleeping in his dog bed quite a bit too, he NEVER sleeps in his dog bed. And he's doing this funny thing he's always done, we call it yoga dog where he looks like he is stretching his neck up and he just poses like that for 5 -30 seconds, looks down and then does it again. But he's been doing it like 5 times as much the last couple days.

I will let you know. Good thoughts our way PLEASE!!

It was inflamed full full anal glands. They expressed them and did blood work because his little belly was rigid I guess his belly was rigid because his butt hurt because nothing else was wrong. In fact the vet used the word fantastic or amazing when describing how healthy he was otherwise!! I told Dispatches Daddy about it all and he said so basically we spent that much money because the dogs butt was sore? He has a way of putting things doesn’t he?

Oh and the assistant, the receptionist and the vet all had to stop in the middle of talking to me and tell Dis just how cute he was. I wonder why he is spoiled?

And if Sheila (I think that’s her name) from the dentists office reads this thank you for your help with getting a vet!


chicamom85 said...

xo(((Dispatch)))xo, I am sending healing vibes your way and keeping paws crossed that you will feel better soon. The doctor will find out and give you some medicine and then you will be the old Dispatch again causing mischief.

licks and sniffs, Sasha
p.s. I will say a prayer for Dispatch Anne

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Oh Dispatch, I am sending lots of love and good thoughts your way. I do hope the vet finds out what is hurting you and makes you as good as new. M.O.M. and I will be waiting anxiously to hear the vets report....hugs and wags, Mistaya

Gelisa said...

It looks painful. I hope it's not something bad. I am Sending love and healing vibes.


Valerie from PetFoodDirect said...

It sounds like he has a pinched nerve or something. The vet will probably give Prednisone which is normally very fast-acting. I'm new here but I do hope the prognosis is not something to worry about. I'll check back to hear how things went tomorrow. Good Luck!

TC said...

Thanks to EVERYONE for all their comments and prayers and good thoughts.
Inflamed Anal glands, if there was going to be something wrong this was a GOOD thing. I read a bit about it and it seems it can be caused by too many table scraps(we lost our big dog in July so Dis has been getting all the table scraps from begging, I do not do this, I have an iron will, men do this).
We have antinflamatories and we got new heartworm preventitive AND the best thing of all, they did bloodwork and the vet said he was fantastically healthy except for the anal gland thing. No signs of any knee or hip or back problems even thinking about starting. And they think he is just weird for doing the yoga thing. I might try to learn how to express the glands. double triple yuck.
Dispatches Daddy wasn't too happy with the bill but I reminded him how much the vet bill used to be with two dogs!

Margaret said...

You have a loving heart and I loved the stroller video.
Glad all is working out and D is healthy again.

Lily Robinson said...

I'm so glad it wasn't anything serious! I would have been worried too. It would sure be easier if they could tell us where it hurts...

Denise Taylor said...

Glad Dispatch is okay. Hope he's back to his old self soon.

TC said...

Margaret thank you for the compliment, I do love most animals, the rooster that crows @ 4:30 am? not so much but most other animals. Glad you liked the stroller video, we haven't walked much lately, flooding and things, thinking about invading the really fancy sudivision (pools, maids quarters) across the road and walking there, probably no snakes!
Lily it would be SO much easier if they could tell us where it hurts. I could have swore he had a broken rib because when I picked him up with my hands under his chest that's when he yelped.
Denise he's working on getting back to his old self. He is still walking like an old grandpa dog while he used to be our front jumping and running but @ least he's walking.

Gelisa said...

I am very glad Dispatch did not have a serious problem.

Take care


Valerie from PetFoodDirect said...

Great news! I'd be grumpy too if I had impacted anal glands! :)
If he ever gets that again, you may want to increase his fiber intake a little. You can do this by adding a little canned pumpkin to his diet.
I'm glad to hear it was an easy fix, for you, I'm sure he'd say it wasn't a picnic having his anal glands expressed!

TC said...

Thanks Gelisa or should I say merci beaucoup? The only foreign language I took in high school.

Valerie Thanks! I've heard about the pumpkin, Dispatch detests pumpkin. The only way I can get him to eat it is do the meat/starch/veggie homemade food and sneak a bit in there. I know he's not supposed to have milk but it's better than ice cream which I believe he knows how to spell now? Anyway I thought about a little bran cereal, maybe I could decrease the milk and add some pumpkin to that!