Friday, October 16, 2009

New Posts

In case you've missed them! I have three new posts on my animals blog, it's NOT here btw anymore, I want to thank all the 60,000+ visitors I've had in the past year and encourage them to visit my new blog and bookmark it if they like or put in a reader. I decided to go with my own domain because this one was so successful as far as visitors coming.
Anyway the links ARE:
The Trained Dog? and Power Walk
Charlie the Yorkie Poo or Yorkiepoo or little snookums Refund as I like to call him, refund ya get it cuz he cost money. It's a joke, honest. The first time I chased him for 1/2 an hour when he was running away from me I thought it was appropriate.
A Dog Who can Read maybe not what you were expecting but interesting and food for thought.

And then on Tresa's Blog there's
The Awning and The Husband telling how I survived dancing on thin air and my husband survived telling me something was my fault.
Then I tried my hand @ photography for photography's sake on Country Reflection

And everyone have a good and safe weekend!


Lily Robinson said...

I sure do miss you popping up on my dashboard! I'll have to find time to catch up on your postings.

TC said...

I have google friends on the animals blog and tresa's blog, I think if you join there I'll pop up?