Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dog In Stroller Video

The long awaited dog stroller video on THE NEW IMPROVED MY (my is the operative word here as in I am in control can keep it sell it, put bad or good stuff on it etc.)Animals That Give Pause Blog!

And on Tresa's Blog
one of those mish mash posts, actually it's pretty much about giving to charity but it does have a fat picture of me on it. Anyone else gained weight on Plavix or Wellbutrin? Of course I'm not as active but this is getting ridiculous.

Seems we have had a national emergency declared, h1n1 and you here on Tresa's Blog.


Lily Robinson said...

So I guess the stroller works better than a leash? I don't think Sadie would sit in it like that!

I had a friend that had to dress nicely for work. She always looked like a million bucks and bought all her 'work' clothes at Goodwill and similar shops. My daughter finds great things there for her girls too!

TC said...

Lily maybe a wagon for Sadie, she probably wouldn't like that either?

I'm going back to Goodwill this morning, they have specials on Monday.
My favorite pair of shoes I bought from a consignment shop in 2001, still wearing them. it's sad.