Monday, October 12, 2009

Crate Training the Dog and An Offensive? t-shirt

My latest posts are Crate Training The Older Dog on the new Animals That Give Pause. There is a place to be my friend on the lower right hand side too. Just like here. Click on the link above to go there. If you haven't visited before I'm moving all my blogs to my own domains except for Missouri Books.

The latest post on Tresa's Blog is about an offensive t-shirt or not offensive? Nobody is venturing an opinion and I ventured a question? I went to Goodwill (nope not above buying from them, some of it is still in the stores or has just came out) and bought some new t-shirts because I have a feeling it might be offensive. Of course there was that shirt I had when I was a teenager that said girldog across the front in airbrush with pretty clouds all around and you had to really look to see what it said. But yes I wore it proudly and no it really didn't say girldog, I'm just being PG here. But those were the days, I had a wifebeater that had the truckin dude across the front. We didn't wear bras........ and if my kids had gone out of the house like that it would not have been pretty.

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