Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bulldog Puppies Among Other Things.......

Remember Opal the Bulldog whom I took care of this summer while her parents my daughter and family were gone?
Well as I reported earlier in October Opal had puppies.
Now they are almost ready to leave their homes, they will be over two months old and ready to go after the 7th of December. When I went over there the other night my daughter had been @ work and we had to get the puppies out and socialize them for awhile. The puppies also had their own nursemaid who is a vet tech, other daughter. The puppies are spoiled and they are loved as my daughter says in her webpage about her English Bulldogs.
If you are not careful they will turn out like this though. This is Newman my nephews dog from the last bunch of puppies. Opal also got the idea while I was taking care of her that any piece of furniture could support her and since Dispatch laid on tables so could she. Newman also has a bowling ball for a toy. Does that tell you anything? He skateboards also but I can't find the video on youtube, it might just be on facebook.
Here are two of the puppies that will be available in December, they are located in Central Missouri if you are interested in Christmas puppies, go to her English Bulldog website for further information. BTW Moto the white one loves me.
Marlene is @ the top of the page. She loves me too. I think maybe I smell and sound like their "grandma"?
If you are a glutton for punishment I have a dog book review about Cesar Millans newest book A Memeber of the Family on Missouri Books.
I also have some new posts on Tresa's Blog and my "other" animals that give pause blog. Next I'm putting more Yorkie Poo pictures up of Charlie on the animals blog, before Grey's anatomy that is.


Denise Taylor said...

What cute little puppies!!!

Lily Robinson said...

Puppies are so sweet!

chicamom85 said...

My oldest sister had many different bulldogs over the years. They were the sweetest dogs and gentle souls. I hope they find wonderful forever homes full of love.

Anne and Sasha

AL said...

Aww look at them...their so tiny and fragile. How nice to see newborn pups.


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Precious photos!