Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daily Dispatch or Bicho Frise says I WILL GO!

No this isn't a picture of the unfinished door trim in the family room or my dirty old flip flops (I have it planned when I'm in the truck with husband, I have on jogging clothes @ night and put on flip flops and a hoodie and stumble in to bathroom and breakfast covering head with hoodie, sounds like a plan to me?). Dispatch got up on the bench by himself which is no small feat considering his water dish and food dish were in his way when he jumped!! So he is better, much better, read the previous few posts, he had anal gland problems and then limped. The Bichon is laying on top of my coats because he knows something is up and he does NOT want to be left out. My husband is taking short trips in the truck and I will be with him some. The "junk" is piled up so I can take it to truck. See whole grain club crackers? Water instead of Mountain Dew? we are living healthy now! Anyway the dog will be with us obviously. Kids and other relatives are here to take care of Skeeter. She's not doing too well. Here's a picture of her and the "posse"or our small dog collection in our yard. She's got to be 13 and she could be 18 or more years old. Did you ever try to get 4 dogs, 2 of whom aren't yours to stand still?

I have new posts on Tresa's Blog about the grandkids and on the "other" Animals That Give Pause about big cats. I don't mean overweight house cats that make up Dispatch's nightmares either. I mean like large dog killing cats in Missouri.

I haven't had time to go to other blogs or comment lately. I haven't forgotten and think of you all every day, Rae, Judy, Lilly, AL, Anne, Cindy, Jan........ and all the others who have wonderful blogs and whose links are below to the right if YOU perhaps would want to go read their wonderful blogs I wouldn't feel so guilty about not going there? Not exactly subliminal messaging, how's this? go to my other blogs and clicky clicky and then go to the blog list @ the bottom right and clicky clicky and comment nicely. How's that for subliminal? You would really help me assuage my extreme feelings of guilt that could lead to anxiety and depression and paranoia. Better subliminal? Too much?

If you are still reading this perhaps you have masochistic tendencies, did you ever look into that? I'M KIDDING!! OK??


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

hI TO dISPATCH! I too have learned what M.O.M. where's when she goes certain places. And I have learned just where to plant myself so she can't get out the door without me! Ha HA, she still hasn't figured it out!!! Hugs and Wags, Mistaya

Lily Robinson said...

OK, perhaps I do have masochistic tendencies... LOL. Time is short, isn't it?

If you think getting dogs to stand still for a photo is hard, try teaching a cat to sit!

AL said...

4 dogs? Nope but I have 3 now, my neighbor just gave me his dog because they're migrating to Canada for good. Her name is Michiko a golden retriever. My, she is beautiful. Okay but Oreo and Coffee are of course jealous. Well they'll get over it soon, agree?

So you're living healthy...that's good to hear. Keep on running and drinking, run and drink! Take care.