Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day Amigos!

We are back from our trip, see previous post, and the "other" animals blog. I was starting to feel like the crew of the faithful minnow who took a three hour trip, a three hour trip....sorry, it seemed funny to me. We had to stay in a motel for a couple days to get a load back but we did get one back, thanks Tony. BTW I do have my CDL and I will probably be working with my husband a great deal now. (I weighed the pros and cons did I want to ride with him on ice or drive myself to work on ice, ride with him won). Oh and BTW did I ever tell you how I went on this trip? We were cleaning the truck since husband had used it for hauling construction stuff around for 6 months (read dust over everything) and I was playing with the passenger seat, he said it's air ride and I'll fix it if you'll go with me. Anyway I thought husband would have to put a new seat in the truck or @ least take the innards out of this one. Nope, it MIGHT have taken him 5 minutes to fix it. So I'm a truck driver again or a truck passenger part of the time.

I also posted about Thanksgiving and forgiveness on Tresa's Blog if you wish to be more unimpressed with my mental facilities. I'm so tired I was wandering from room to room forgetting what I came into each one for, bathrooom....... check mousetrap, bedroom.........get dog food (I put it in a suitcase, you think I keep the dogfood in the bedroom?)

The picture above? It's an aceo (colored pencil, 2.5"x3.5" painting) I did of Dispatch the Bichon when he was a baby puppy. I'm not sure why I put it on here and the other blog but it's one of my favorite pictures of him. He was a baby on my blue jeaned lap. I'm pretty sure my legs were skinny then?

All the animals are fine. Skeeter is much better. She yodeled when we got home Dispatch screeched like a banshee when she yodeled.

Highlights of the trip?
1. Dispatch tried to take out a border patrol when he stepped up on the truck when the door was open. I told the officer Dispatch was a citizen too. For those of you that haven't been to S TX or other places close to the border they look in trucks @ various inspection stations.

2. Dispatch is convinced the noise the rumble bars on the side of the road make is a monster trying to come through the floor of the truck to get him. This will keep him occupied staring @ the floor from the safety of my lap for about 1/2 hour. Also Dispatch is NOT happy on the dash of the truck but he fits quite nicely when we are sitting still if he's being annoying. He's not sure what the jake brake is but it's not nearly as scary as the rumble bars and if he watches his daddy much more I'm pretty sure he will know the gear pattern.

3. Remember how Dispatch is the terror of the car trip? Rides in a truck like he's been doing it all his life, sleeps on the floor most of the time, looks out whatever window is available, braces for curves etc. Of course he can touch mommy @ all times IF he wants to so that makes a difference. And of course everyone thinks he is so cute and well behaved @ the truck stops and even point and wave as we go down the road, @ least I think they are pointing and waving @ him or I'm having a REALLY bad hair day?

4. Oh yes, the refrigerator in the truck is @ floor level, it didn't take Dispatch long to learn this. He REALLY likes cold cold bottled water. He started telling me he was thirsty or his water was warm (horrors) by going and sitting by the frig.

Anyway I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving without gaining a pound. We are going to my in laws tomorrow along with my sis in law and her family and their families and my daughter and her family and four of husbands kids with their families, intendeds, or intended with families. Anyway I just counted and it's 35 people, I think we had close to 50 here two years ago. Mostly immediate family. I got off lucky this year as far as cooking, my SIL was a caterer (she does everything perfectly, did I say that? hey Elenor, just kidding if you read this) and her two daughters are helping. My daughter is picking up canned sweet potatoes because no one was brining any and we have to have some even if no one eats them and I will fix them over there. She's also bringing dirt cake which is some outrageously rich crumbled oreo concoction or that's usually what she brings. I'm dumping canned fruit in a bowl and calling it good. Only two kids won't be there, my youngest and husbands youngest. One is house/dog sitting and the other is spending the holiday with her mother and her husbands family.

Anyway I'm full of good cheer but need to sleep again, Happy Holidays!!!


Lily Robinson said...

Sounds like a crowd to me! Have a great day. I love that pencil sketch. Do you have it framed and displayed on a table?

I don't know if I could stay cooped up in a truck with Mr J very many days in a row... You're brave!

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

I hope you and Dispatch have a very wonderful Thanksgiving. And tell Dispatch that I don't like those rumble stripes either. If I am sitting up watching out the window they even tickle my cute little butt! And that can sure scare me! I glad you like to ride in the big truck Dispatch, it sounds like fun. Hugs and wags, Mistaya

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