Monday, February 1, 2010

Ruminations On Dog Breeds And Westminster.

In continuing in the tradition of my blithering idiocity and penchant for totally useless knowledge.  WHERE in the name of little green apples did they put the spellcheck for blogger?? WHERE?  Oh I see there are like 300 questions on the blogger discussion boards, spellcheck aint there folks.  Since when isn't idiocity a real word?  It's one of my favorite along with ad nauseum which blogger doesn't like EITHER.

Back to Dog Breeds, I found it fascinating that the AKC has added these new breeds.  (not fascinating but there is a 1/1000000000 chance you will be asked this question so listen up, can you tell I'm on a diet and cranked, on LEGAL pills silly).
TAAAA DAAAAAH NEW DOG BREEDS    (trumpets blaring)

Redbone Coonhounds**
Bluetick Coonhounds**
Irish Red and White Setters**
Boykin Spaniels**
Norwegian Elkhounds**
Pyrenean Shepherds**

Aren't you all glad you stayed for that?  It's the AMERICAN Kennel Club and Redbone Coonhounds weren't a breed?  That seems rather weird to me.  I also love the name  Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers.  Here ducky ducky, fly to me little ducky ducky.

Believe it or not has like 30 Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers for adoption, many in the US!

There's a nice story about a lady and her Chihuahua (spelled that all by myself, thank you very much) going to Westminster which starts February 11.

BTW in case you were wondering there are 731 bichon frise on under bichon.  The one below is here and he can be adopted for $75, he's spent 12 years in a puppy mill.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe there are still animals waiting for a mom and daddy, they make us so happy when we adopt.

Thanks for the following dear, doing the same.

Josie said...

TC, the duck comment really made me laugh, but then I read down to the bichon who was in a puppy mill for 12 years. So sad...Puppy Mill Awareness Day is coming up and I work with many rescues that do work with getting the word out. It's not over until they are all rescued, every single one. I always say, if I won the lottery..I would build the world's largest rescue...well I can dream, right???? Much Love!

TC said...

Thank you obcessedwithanimals. Animals do make us so happy, I think everyone who is depressed (and still functional) needs a dog to care for or a cat. I know I'm simplistic.

Josie I am glad someone got my duck joke, I was worried there for a bit! Never know when my humor is going to go the wrong way.

SquirrelQueen said...

Going over to is something I shouldn't do, I want to rescue them all.