Sunday, January 31, 2010

Animal Links

 I'm like 10 pages back on this website, I hadn't seen it before.  I LOVE the black lab with the pacifier and the kitten and book. 

One of the blogs I follow A Vet's Guide to Life,  had an article with the 10 most common forms of Pet Poisoning in the household.  Do you have a pet?  Read it, try to remember it.  Maybe print it off.  I am lucky, Dispatch sometimes won't eat lunch meat if isn't offered to him in the proper spirit.  Pills on the floor?  Pills are evil things that Mama sometimes puts in his mouth and makes him swallow.  BLECKKK.  Plants? Thery aren't meat, why should he eat them?? LOL  If you do have a pet poisoned or just want to learn more about the subject you can visit the pet poison hotline.

Don't forget to go to the Animal Rescue Site and Click to give to animals, just click that's all you have to do.  Scouts honor.  You can also vote for your favorite Shelter. (details on the link) The Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary is mentioned by Borderblog.  I'm partial to any of the shelters along the Gulf Coast or Stover Animal Shelter.  I tried to type in Stover though and got an  Apache server exception but I'd already voted.


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Thanks for the Animal Rescue Link. We will click on it as often as we can. Hugs and wags, Mistaya and her M.O.M.
Rescued pets are the BEST!!!!

AL said...

Yes I will visit these links, you know I have a lot of rescued dogs around the house.

Sorry haven't been around for a while, but I always think about you.


Jo said...

I'm looking to get a dog, and the best dogs are always from the animal rescue. I love going there to have a look, and I'm going to take "Phinnaeus" and "Marigold" with me. Whichever dog chooses them, that's the dog we'll get. I believe animals adopt us.

Life With Dogs said...

The daily cute is a fun diversion, no? :)

Lily Robinson said...

Not just poisoning, but accidents are also common causes of injured pets. Just as people child-proof their homes, they need to pet-proof them as well. Barns can be especially dangerous places!

SquirrelQueen said...

Fortunately Cindi Lou is a little like Dispatch. Her food has to be just so, pills are bad and plants are boring. I have cat-proofed the house just to be sure. Being that my pets have always been rescues I will check out the link.

TC said...

You are welcome Mistya and her MOM.
I think of you often too AL and hope all is going well with your father. {{{{{}}}}}Love ya!
I can't wait to see whom you choose Jo Phinneas or Marigold!
Yes Life with Dogs, the Daily Cute can become an obsession!
Good Point Lily, I know I have to watch because Dis isn't especially afraid of heights.....
Yes we are lucky Judy, I found my husbands lost vitamin on the floor, untouched by Dispatch of course, yucky pooo!