Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dispatchs "New" Trick

Yes it's been airbrushed, Dispatch said he didn't want to get any girl dogs excited by the playboy pose. This isn't his new trick, it's not even an old trick.
Basically I was looking for a picture of Dispatch on a table but couldn't find one. Dispatch took to table sitting again last week when we stayed in the motel because the tire fell off the truck. Everytime I'd leave the room I'd come back and he would be on the table with the laptop, I was starting to think he was emailing SOS! Dispatch has always climbed like a cat, I've heard bichons do. Also they curl their claws around a bit somewhat like a cat. I tried to teach Dis to climb a ladder but he knew I wanted him to do it. If you lean a pallet against a porch without steps he can climb that to get to mama though!!

Here in the truck Dispatch has reached new heights in climbing though, I haven't been able to get a picture of it but he wedges his head between my husbands leg and the steering wheel. (we are in the middle of nowhere when we let him do this) and pulls himself up on my husbands lap by climbing and levering against the steering wheel with the back of his head. This is partly because he really isn't allowed on Daddies lap when Daddy is driving so Dispatch MUST get up there. Also Dispatches Daddy is supreme ruler of the world as far as Dispatch is concerned so when he is sitting on Daddies lap he is second ruler in command of the world. (according to Dispatch)

Dispatch looks pretty funny sitting on Daddies lap. Daddy is the baseball cap, levi's 501 jeans, cowboy boot wearing truck driver and used to look like the Marlboro man (if you squinted, maybe a hairy Marlboro man?) Anyway they are a bit amusing to see walking across a parking lot too. Dispatch tries REALLY hard to look Macho and tough but it's hard to pull off when you are white and fluffy? I'll try to get some more pictures soon.


DUTA said...

Dispatch seems to be a great family entertainer.He's cute and funny. Take good care of him!

Lily Robinson said...

You might want to check the browser history... He could be visiting inappropriate sites or sending spam.

TC said...

Duta don't worry, Dispatch won't let us forget about him. He can say so much with his tragic looks when we leave him he should really get an oscar.
Lily I'd never thought of that.... Doggie Porn again!! He may be emiling Chloe on HoneygoBeasley too!! LOL

SquirrelQueen said...

Just read your comments. As I read your post I was thinking that maybe Dispatch and Chloe have a thing going on and they were exchanging emails. Better keep an eye on your phone or they will start texting one another.

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