Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feel Like Reading? Dog Link Upon Dog Link

Meadow Lark Fearnot, a regal beagle, came flopping his ears with inquisitive dismay. The stench of many persons assailed his infinitely delicate nostrils; he would have enjoyed belling at the crowd of 10,000 people or biting a small girl who sat at the south east corner of the arena; these things were forbidden.
That blurb was taken from a 1928 Time Article describing "the" dog show.

How did I find that obscure article?  I started @ an article  that makes you think about how your dog got to be the way he is.  If you are a dog lover you might want to read it, if you are remotely interested in dog behavior it's great.  Studies have proven that dogs are smarter than chimpanzees in relating to people.   This is also proven by the tennis ball, the kong, the pillow on the floor for the bichon, and his newly acquired love for cream.  Don't ask me how THAT got started.  Here's the little darlin wanting on mamas lap............... look @ those sweet eyes. Then in the next picture he isn't actually going to attack, he was just telling me which end was up, sorry so blurry but he was moving one direction, me the other and the truck the other.

Anyway Time has a whole list of dog related articles, some just have dog house etc. in them but most pertain to dogs.

And guess which decade this quote came from?
With infinite variation but only slight exaggeration, some such table d'hôte is presented daily in countless American households. Samantha the cat, Buddy the beagle, Carol the canary, and myriad other furred, finned, scaly and feathered creatures are not only members of the great extended U.S. family; they are more equal than most. The U.S. pet set gets not only more nutritious meals but also better medical care and vastly more affection than the great majority of the world's people.

I don't necessarily agree with above statement, it's sort of like don't buy your daughter a new dress because you could donate to 1000s of needy charities.  Those of you who have daughters know it's in your best interest (and contributes to a positive mental state for several years) to buy the dress (and maybe donate something on the side).



SquirrelQueen said...

Dogs and cats both seem to relate well to their humans, I firmly believe they can read our emotions. Dogs tend to be a little more polite and ask when they want something. Cats on the other hand usually just demand. I say this as Cindi Lou is sitting beside my chair meowing insistently for something. Excuse me but Her Highness is getting impatient!

TC said...

Above all you must attend to the needs of the High Princess of Cats Judy!! LOL
I found it extremely interesting that dogs are smarter in reading humans than chimpanzees who are supposedly smarter, higher on the evolutionary chain, and supposedly related to humans?
I know Dispatch understands more than he should.