Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Further Adventures With The Bichon And The Border Patrol

For those of you who have never been close to the Mexican border with the US by way of highway there are inspection stations where they stop all vehicles and search for aliens or anything illegal such as drugs. I've always wanted to say "no habe englais" when they ask if I am an American but I've refrained which is just as well considering jailhouse orange isn't my color and I thoroughly respect the border patrol, they have guns. A friend of ours did get stopped for an hour or so when the search dog went nuts over her truck, they wouldn't let her call her husband and he was waiting for her up the road. Evidently she had ran over something like a tossed out bag of drugs or something. I told her I would have asked if I was under arrest and called my husband when they said no. I'm stupid that way though and probably would have worn jailhouse orange but she got to leave after an hour of puppy going nuts. Another friend of ours (HI KELLY!! how ya doin?) was driving a truck from WI to TX weekly and one night he was tired. The border patrol asked him how he got such a nice new truck. You'd have to know Kelly but he said well the drug running helped pay for it. They did not find him humorous but let him go after a day or so.

So now we come to the Dis and what happened today. I try to hold Dispatch tightly and attempt to make him be quiet when the border patrol opens the door and peeks inside. I swear I think the dog is learning to read because I pick him up several hundred times a day but when we get close to the border patrol station he starts that thing that's between a cough and a bark when he sees the signs, then when we get closer and Daddy puts on the brake he goes into the full bark. Shush is not really in his vocabulary if he thinks there is a good reason to bark. A german shepherd and men in green suits opening up vehicle doors is plenty good reason he thinks to throw a full blown fit. So Dispatch is barking... he is evidently telling the German Shepherd I'll mop this place up with you, see what a giant q-tip can do (meaning Dispatch the Bichon) I know the search dogs are highly trained but it seems every time we pull into an inspection station they go nuts? So the younger border patrol opens the door and says we are OK but he's going to have to arrest Dispatch for threatening him and disturbing the peace, he almost has a straight face as he is saying this above the big deep barks and the little not so deep barks. Then he asks us what we have on the truck and then says we need to LEAVE as the German Shepherd is saying let me @ the q-tip fluffball and we will see who does the floor mopping. I believe Dispatch said in parting that if the GS tried to mop the floor with him he would choke on the fuzz and die before he got Dis bit but I could be imagining that?


SquirrelQueen said...

I now have a mental image of Dispatch threatening to choke a trained killer German Shepard, not a pretty sight!

I've heard about the inspection stations over that way but we've only had experience with border crossings into Baja. Going in is rarely a problem but coming back to the US can be very trying. We no longer come back in at Tijuana, the three hours waits were a pain, we cross at Tecate now.

What's really fun are all the road blocks and inspection check points we encounter while in Mexico. They sometimes search the entire vehicle, guns on their shoulder, and no sense of humor whatsoever. No jailhouse orange or being held for just a day, you might be there a really long time.

TC said...

You are right Judy, Dispatch was deadly serious, that dog was around his home away from home the truck and....
I've heard about coming back into US, our trailers cross the borders on mexican trucks, have for years and then they bring them back BUT if they have a flat or something while across the border it's too bad.
I've never been to Mexico believe it or not. I'll probably see Germany before Mexico!! LOL OK I see Mexico every week but don't touch it.

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