Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small Paws, Bonded Pair Of Bichon Frise For Foster Or Adoption

Courtesy Of Small Paws Rescue

We still need a foster home for this bonded pair. They are being boarded in Tulsa. They are darling boys from an owner surrender to a kill shelter. We can fly them to you for foster care and we are also accepting adoption applications as well. There will be a two-for-one- adoption fee for them both!

Meet Schotzy and Sassy! They are both darling and are a bonded pair. They may be siblings. They were surrendered to a kill shelter in MO.
Got room for two more?? How to Become a Much Needed Small Paws® Rescue Foster Parent! Fill Out an Online Adoption Application!
Small Paws Rescue

This is TC me keep my marriage, get these dogs before I do. I can't judge other people but to surrender these two to a kill shelter makes me ill. Thank goodness they will be fostered or adopted now..... hopefully. Check out their other bichons and mixes and if you can't do anything else donate to them or your local animal shelter. I've got two big garbage sacks of clothes to go to our thrift shop that is ran by the local animal shelter. Every little bit helps. I'm serious, I'm going home soon and these two would make wonderful playmates for Dispatch but he would have no Daddy or says Daddy so SAVE ME FROM MYSELF....please?
Just think, if you adopted these two you could have TWO blogs about bichons..... JK, I have two animal blogs and only one is possible to live without a bichon but you just feel sooooo much better with a little teddy bear face staring @ you sleepily in the morning with one eye cracked open.


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SquirrelQueen said...

I hope they find a really good home, they are super cute. I am trying to talk myself out of adopting a Ragdoll cat. Then the other day my hubby told me he had been looking at them online too! If you think Dispatch is spoiled you should have met my Tasha.

TC said...

They are soooooo cute. If your husband is looking @ them too then you NEED a Ragdoll Cat. Yes cats have a way of becoming spoiled, but I think dis has been taking lessons!!

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