Friday, January 22, 2010

Dispatch in LOVE

This picture is Dispatch the bichon playing with a ball. He uses his feet like a cat sometimes, bats @ things etc. much more than any other dog I've seen. The ball is about to go off the chair, he will go get it in his mouth, take it back on the chair, chew on it, bat it around, let it fall, jump down to get it etc. He can play like that for a long long time. This is another bad hair picture. I've heard that other bichon frise use their paws like cats too?

I wrote the two youngest kids like Dispatch more than the others. Christy and Christi remember? We call my daughter Christy Sissy, makes life much simpler and was her nickname anyway, if I really get carried away it's Sissy Beth which makes it sound like we live in the deep South? You can tell my daughters resemble me but they don't look much alike but we all three sound just alike to everyone but my husband, especially on the phone. We have fun with it, I can fool my daughters husband on the phone for awhile till I get tickled.

Sissy Beth is Dispatches favorite of the kids to this day. When he was neutered his hormones evidently ran amok. Sissy Beth came to visit about that time and she was his intended. He's not a really bad little dog about having to hunch or wanting to unless he's showing dominance to another dog, and wasn't then either but he was in LOVE. There is no other way to put it than he was like a love struck teenager. He would hear her voice and even if I was in the room he would RUN to her, he had to sit on her lap and if he couldn't he would stare mournfully @ her but you could tell he just worshiped her. We still talk about it, he still likes her the most out of all the kids, but has never acted like he did that one visit she made. I still call her Dispatches intended once in awhile to get her goat. She has a pet sitting business in Wichita now, Happy Tails if you need pet sitting or house sitting she is your girl.

Here are the dogs greeting Sis about a year ago.


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

You are very good with your feet Dispatch! I knew we could be as 'catty' as those cats with our feet! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

TC said...

I even curl my toes up when I'm happy or excited Mistaya,
your friend,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Dispatch
I bet that not only are you good with your hands, but I betcha you are smart!
I saw a doggie like you on tv today and he was waving with both hands!
I think you are adorable.

Denise Taylor said...

My mom's maltese does the same thing with his little "kitty paws". So cute. On the flip side, my cat acts like a dog.

TC said...

Thanks Tweedles, I think your pretty special yourself! I do many tricks but I try not to do them all the time so I don't spoil my human, it's so easy to just ruin your human you know?
Denise, my kitty Paris acts like a dog, that's why I tolerate her most of the time. Did you know Maltese were much more closely relatedd to bichons than poodles are?

SquirrelQueen said...

Dispatch looks so cute playing with the ball. I didn't know they had 'kitty paws'. The video is great, I think Dispatch wanted Sissy all to himself.


TC said...

They don't have kitty paws to the extent they try to scratch you but Dispatch does think he's fighting when he lays on his back and kicks like a cat does when fighting? He also hits like a cat will pat you, he does it when he needs something only it's a hard hit. I say dogs do NOT hit. Evidently this is when his understanding of the human language stops? LOL