Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Shop" and Animals

I tried to get the top picture larger but....It was taken about 1980 or so, my daughter Christy was holding Heavy Dog and JJ was holding Suzie? I think these were poodle border collie mixes bred from years of people WANTING these poodle border collie mixes. Sugar and Spice were the first ones, vicious sisters, tried to kill each other regularly but so sweet to all humans and other dogs.
The next picture was taken about 1984 or 1985? This was by the woodstove in my dad's mechanics shop. He kept EVERYTHING as you can see. Christy, my dad, and JJ. Dogs were Sally (golden retriever/german shepherd/stray from KC MO, named after Sally Rand the stripper, my dads idea)Log(my dog, Sally and the St. Bernard next doors unfortunate but LOYAL offspring, Log looked like a stump when he was a puppy) Oetman (Sally had 13 puppies I got her spayed right after that, didn't think she was old enough, Oetman was/is a preacher)Martin(offspring of an errant Airedale and ??? who came to our house and left shortly after she blessed us with puppies, we had Martin, John and Abraham, John died and yest they were after the song). In JJ's arms Cujo, yes that's Cujo, she's smaller than Dispatch I think, wire haired Terrier. That dog was SPOILED. I made the kids hats that were 6 ft long and were scarves or mufflers too. How lovely. My dad wasn't crippled yet, I think he jumped off of the tractor shortly after this picture was taken (huge tractor and he JUMPED)and had a botched knee operation due to worn out cartilage and had 5 more operations and could barely walk the rest of his life. Oh yes, the cat? Why that's Shop Kitty!! What else did you expect her name to be? We had more dogs @ one point but had a farm and just seemed to collect them.... then we had the sheep that ran with them and thought it was a dog......and yes there were dirty calendars hanging about, it was a mechanics garage you know. Dirty in those days was pretty mild though!! LOL I thought bathrooms were supposed to have those calendars and black lingerie tacked to the wall in them, @ least mens bathrooms?
Today seems like memory day.......I wrote about Florida and art galleries and a hat on Tresa's Blog.