Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brushing the Bichon part II with Daughter and Granddaughter

Ok, my plans for the day went awry when I took a nap, then my daughter and the grandkids came over. Was a good day, don't see them enough when it's just sitting around. We finished watching Best of Show, dumb movie, and O Brother, Where Art Thou? Watched the kids wrestle and fight over who got the last little debbies cake even though there are boxes and boxes of em, all the nutty bars are gone. Grandma does bake on occasion, just not this occasion!

So we did get the dog brushed, here's the pictures including Sara brushing the Lab, Mugsey, he enjoyed it. JJ my oldest daughter held Dispatch the bichon and we brushed and combed him. Dispatch has a love hate relationship with JJ, for some reason he loves her but is deathly afraid of her so he was a GOOD BOY when we brushed him. She made him behave when he was a puppy and cut his hair and pulled it out of his ears (not cruel, necessary for a bichon) and he has been VERY wary of her ever since but he loves her, she smells and sounds like mommy of course he loves her! Pictures were taken in the family room, it's supposed to be messy!

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