Thursday, January 8, 2009

What greets me when I come home.

My lap is warm, there is a Bichon on it, the picture above is him as a puppy of 2 or 3 months old. He was SOOO cute. He still is cute or @ least I think so. He was really worried about what the tree frog was doing on the door in this picture below. He is spoiled, have I mentioned that but come to think of it he spoils me too. He's hopelessly devoted and pouts if I'm not home. He forgives everything especially my strange aversion to him chasing cars and cats. He even forgives spankings, I know some people say corporal punishment is not a good idea for children or animals but it gets the point across, I'm talking spanking, not with any great force and not with an object and not as a regular occurance. Also biting them if they bite you gets the idea across, for children AND dogs but you will get strange looks. I don't think I've ever HURT him except by accident when brushing him or cutting his nails etc. Speaking of that Dispatch the bichon has a peculiar habit that I've been wondering if all bichons have or he's just weird. If he thinks he's in trouble or doesn't know what to do he will just freeze, stand stock still, if I keep yelling (this happens most often when he's gone somewhere he shouldn't or got in trouble for chasing something) he will look stiffly one way and then the other like he's watching a slow tennis match? Sometimes he does this for like a minute till I start laughing and go pick him up, OK, he's spoiled, sometimes he will snap out of it and come to me. It's like his little world has turned upside down and he doesn't know which way to turn but he's sure which ever way he does turn it will be WRONG because he's made mama mad.

Anyway be kind to your best friend. Remember all the unconditional love they give you and how they enrich your life. No matter what strange things you do or how you make them stay by themselves or not jump on the furniture which is sooooo very cozy or have old Uncle Al over who thinks it's great fun to meow like a cat they will forgive you.

I just petted my smelly little furball and hugged him, he has breath like he's been eating something dead for a week. I've threatened to brush his teeth since he will have nothing to do with those breath freshening doggie treats.

When I come home from work I know there will be a white dynamo wanting to wiggle all over me, getting petted and having baby talk just makes it better. We try to avoid doing it when I walk in the door because of his separation anxiety, more on that later. Dispatch does have a tendancy to like go nuts when you come home though, if my husband has been gone for a day or so he really goes crazy, jumping and whining and barking, running from person to person. He's the epitome of "I'm REALLY happy to see you". We've had people ask who haven't seen him before what's wrong with him and does he ALWAYS act this way. He was sick twice in his life and would come to the door but that was about it, was a sad sad time. I know he's spoiled but like I said I'm spoiled too.

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