Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bichon Grooming Bath and Final Brushing

He's not so cute when wet. I used antibacterial deodorizing shampoo and whitening shampoo this time because I don't think he has any fleas.
Here he is after the first brushing with a pin brush and partly dried in front of an electric heater, he REALLY hates a blow dryer but sometimes we resort to it when pressed for time. In the summer I just brush him outside and dry him on the patio.And this is him in all his glory in the living room where no one ever goes except the grand kids to play because it's big? I used a comb on him to finish partly and no mats or snarls, well hardly any but I avoided those, will trim some later.
And I tell him to sit so he stands and looks out the window one way............
and then the other way because I call kitty hoping he will look @ the camera but it flashes and he doesn't like it. I could have brushed his legs and feet a bit more but we were both getting tired and his haircut is rather uneven but after 3 hours and 2 people this is as good as it gets! Look @ the before pictures this morning a couple posts below this and see if it's not an improvement. Maybe not as much as a beauty parlor for a woman but close?!


Nina E J said...

Thanks for your comment! And what a nice dog there! :D

TC said...

Thanks for your comment, nice dog is asleep behind me in the chair again.