Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dog and Cat Funnies Sites

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
Ok, I'm computer literate but don't do much surfing, does that make sense? Facebook and Myspace leave me cold, my kids are there saying silly things that I'd just as soon not read. Noaa weather and cnn and my email are the first tabs up on my firefox and then the blogs and then whatever else I may be doing. All this is in explanation of WHY I just now found these sites. We have satellite and get fapped (fair access policy, means if you actually use the internet it will be almost stone age slow the next day, thanks hughes) if we view too many pictures or video. I have this bichon habit on youtube that has gotten us fapped a time or two and then watching tv on the computer when the hurricanes came has gotten us fapped. SO I normally stay away from videos and photo sites as much as I can.
For those who may not know these sites are out there here's the links, the one for the dogs, and the one for the cats. That will kill a few hours of your time if you are so inclined on this snowy (here in MO) Sunday morning!


Nick said...

I've been a fan of loldogs and lolcats for about a year now actually. I don't even remember how I came across them but I am happy I did. Some of those pictures are really hysterical. Be careful though, if you spend enough time looking at them, you'll start speaking that way. Iz allreddy falln viktum to da lolspeak.

TC said...

Iz unnertand yer pint ov veew Nick, an den ya wanna rite un eberry piktur ya cee? My kidz mite nut unnertand wit dair pikturs?