Monday, January 19, 2009

Going to the Bathroom with Pets

I don't mean house training or walking them in the morning and evening (we train ours to stay out of the road and just let them out, much simpler when we are @ home). I am talking about the human in the house using the restroom. It becomes free for all petting time with a captive human who can't get up. Of course this only happens if the door is open or the pet manages to open it or accompanies you on your mission. Around here it's usually 2 people in the house, door gets left open since the bathrooms are scattered all around and fairly private and after all we are married.
It's not so bad since the kittens went out, as I've written before somehow I've raised 3 sets of orphan kittens 3 times last year, that's a 0-9 cat increase in a year. We only have 6 left, don't know what happened to two but one decided my car engine was a good place on a HOT summer morning, not a smart move on his part but he didn't suffer. Anyway 2 dogs and 3 kittens in a bathroom can get a little claustrophobic, especially if it happens EVERY time you go and the dogs are trying to edge the kittens and each other away from the parent who happens to be on the throne @ the moment. Now it's not so bad with just the two dogs but I was thinking about this as the Bichon attempted to push the lab away from me in our latest family gathering in the little room.
The funniest episode happened with my husbands brother. Dispatch (Bichon) loves his uncle, in fact uncle had a hand in naming him, we had a trucking company @ the time and it was a running joke, people would call and ask to talk to Dispatch and if we were feeling very humorous and knew them we would say you can try but he can't talk too well yet, he's only a puppy. Anyway uncle was using the restroom in the laundry room between the kitchen and family room, I was doing the supper dishes. Dispatch was a puppy, I heard the door shut, knew it was uncle but forgot the door didn't always lock right or completely latch for that matter. Heard Dis scratching, scratching and then door bang open. Heard Uncle shout, get out of here you durn dog, dog left, I was bending over the kitchen sink trying to stifle intense laughter. Uncle seemed not to be into this communal bathroom time thing the dog prized so highly? Of course Uncle is unmarried and childless, by the time you go through children in the house privacy becomes a thing of the past.

Oh and when little foo foo dog does go outside to go potty he kicks his heels like male dogs do after they have marked their territory, in fact he kicks so much he throws grass all over himself sometimes, if you stand and laugh it goes on all the longer. I've seen him throw twigs up on his back though and think someone was throwing things @ him and hightail it for the house because he is just pretty sure he has been attacked in his own yard! Doesn't the green green grass look really nice right now?

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