Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What to Feed Your Dog

Link to list of what not to feed your pets and some books to buy for home made dog food.

Discussion of pet foods and what they can cause, which ones are good and which ones bad.

Link to doggie casserole and doggie hamburger helper.

Link to Vegetarian Dogs.

I've read 40% meat and 30% each starch and veggies is a good formula, all cooked of course, brown rice the best but oatmeal Ok too or white rice on occasion. Green beans and carrots the preferred veggie. BUT I've also read the proportion of meat is way too low. If you could afford it and it seemed to agree with him I'd maybe go with a 60% meat 20% each veggie and starch diet and a multivitamin, garlic powder in small amounts supposedly repels fleas, others say it's dangerous.

I'm thinking of trying this cooking for your pet again. It makes sense that we don't eat exactly the same thing every day to stay healthy so why should your pet? I used to do it, I'd cook the rice and veggies and chicken, combined the brown rice and veggies usually, keep it all in tupperware in the frig, and then added the chicken when I fed him. Of course Dispatch is spoiled as we all know so.......... at least I feed him dry dog food instead of those little pouches now!

And since I'm on my way to work and don't have much time, congratulations for our new president and everyone who made the transition go so smoothly. It was a great thing to watch.

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