Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a BADDD doggie mama

This is Mugsey in the ice last winter, can't remember which storm, I think it was the one of December 12, 2007 here in MO, his eyes really don't glow all the time, I'd just discovered the tree fell or what was left of it and went to investigate, the building is the infamous cabin where I found my first litter of kittens. Anyway Mugsey had just fallen on the ice several times and decided walking was NOT an option. He finally learned he had to pick his way on the grass and all would be fine.
He's a golden lab, his daddy was a large black lab and his mama was a rather petite golden retriever, he's my husbands dog. To negate the results of having a bichon follow him for years probably. A MAN'S DOG. The bichon is maybe not braver but he doesn't take discipline so very hard. Of course the bichon has only tore up shoe laces, scratched a few doors and the tinting on my car windows. I won't start in on the list of Mugseys items that are no longer with us but the outside landscape lighting and the irrigation system in the flowerbeds are two items, he is also sometimes just not the sharpest crayon in the box too.
That he was so sensitive didn't enter my head last Saturday night, I got home from work and Mugsey was GONE. My Step Son #1 had brought SS#2's dog down because he didn't know she was banned because she attacked smaller dogs constantly, made them scream and think she was going to kill them, Terri is a german shepherd/lab or possibly doberman instead of lab. My husband was sitting here thinking where they possibly could have gone, no Terri and no Mugsey, I finally asked if they had been in the shop, Mugsey likes to get in buildings and cars and take naps and forget to follow people out. Long story short Mugsey and Terri were in the shop, I drove down to get them out and Terri attacked our terrier Skeeter. I snapped and started honking the car horn and screaming obscenities (and I don't curse hardly ever) @ Terri, she jumped off of Skeeter and ran under my husbands truck, I drug her out and explained what a bad dog she had been and she stayed in the house so we could keep an eye on her. Suffice to say she didn't hardly even look sideways @ another dog or the kittens till the kids came and picked her up the next day.
But after all that died down Mugsey had disappeared again! I called and called, went outside and looked and finally thought to go to my neighbor/cousins house. Steve had Mugsey on a leash, seems he had been trying to break in their house and he knew something was wrong. Mugsey forgave me after about 15 minutes of petting. But Dispatch the bichon evidently caught wind that mama was mad and it wasn't @ him so the totally house trained bichon who can go for 12 hours without wanting out if it's raining decided to urinate on the comforter on the floor that the big dogs had been laying on, so then he's in trouble too.
This is Terri, does she look like she EVER did anything wrong?

So I have a psychotic golden lab who can't be yelled around or he leaves home and a bichon who takes advantage of me being mad and says p^$$ on you to the other dogs. So evidently I must be a BAD doggie mama? Except I've taught my dogs not to chase cats (well most of the time) which is a minor miracle in itself so perhaps Terri can learn not to attack other dogs.

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