Monday, January 19, 2009

Newman Update January

My nephew wrote this about Newman also known as Runt, as you may or may not remember or care he came to get Newman @ Thanksgiving, what a way to get the relatives to come see you on holidays, give them a dog! Anyway here's the Newman update.

Newman is good. He is laying in the floor chewing on a barbell. Yeah, we don't mess with the wimpy chew toys, we go straight for the heavy metal stuff. He's stupid. He broke out of his baby gate today and look totally thrilled and quite surprised when we got home. No damage, so that was good. I would like to see how he did it. I'm thinking he did a running start and just bashed into it. He's like that. Took him to the dog park about a month ago and he was mean, mean mean. Not joking. So I took him back a couple of days ago and he did much better. He found a friend. A jack russell named Rowdy who constantly bit him. It's all good in dog world.

I wrote him back and told him Dispatch didn't do so good with other dogs in social situations either. At petsmart he acts like he's thinking "OK I finally got in the store where people can worship me properly and I can see what mama does in these places but WHY are these other dogs in here and WHY do they want to act like DOGS? I'm in my human incognito persona and they still want to sniff butts? Maybe if I act like a human I will finally get to really drive and learn to talk right? AND be able to get in the refrigerator whenever I want? I've got the walking on my hind legs pretty well down pat."

Or @ least that's what he seems to be thinking.

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