Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miniature Schnauzer vs Bichon

This is Fema when she was a baby, She's a miniature schnauzer.
and here is a video of the Bichon Dispatch and Fema, Mugsey the lab (as a puppy) and Skeeter the terrier are in it too. Skeeter was old in 1999 when we got her so guess how old she is now? She was my dads dog and he only had her for a couple years before he passed away and so now I guess she's my dog more than anyones.

Dispatch likes to act like he's tough but Fema and he do play honest, Fema is my cousins dog, our neighbor down the road breeds miniature schnauzers. The neighbors across the street have one too who comes to visit who is Femas brother.

Tonight my husband and I vegged out after working, we watched a Costeau special on PBS about killer whales, highly interesting that they are so socialized and watch humans like we watch them?


Checkers said...

that is one fierce and LOUD little bichon! my daddy's sister has a bichon and he's mean as a snake!

TC said...

Dispatch isn't what you'd call mean Checkers. He used to be scared of everything but has gotten over that as you can see. He thinks he's a great white wolf, can't ya tell?