Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do You Worry About Your Pets Happiness?

And if you do is it a sign of caring or craziness?This is the Easter Bunny ($2.50 @ Wal Mart, he got a sheep too but I'm saving it) I got for Dispatch today, notice the similarity in the texture of the hair? You should have seen him when I got it out of the bag, we played pulley pulley with it for a bit and he mauled it then I got the leftover cheese out of the kong he hadn't been able to get out all day and he ate it on bunny. Dispatch is a great hunter you see and he is eating his prey (eating cheese on top of a stuffed animal), he also looks @ himself in the mirror and does the play bounce, he has a very rich imaginary life. Oh and BTW he's not spoiled or anything but he likes to go through the shopping bags when I get home if I put them on the floor and see which one has something in it for him!

Anyway I said something to my daughter about this one day (she has English Bulldogs) and she worries about whether her pets are truly happy too. It must run in the family?
This is the picture I got when I tried to get a close up. He needs a bath, couldn't resist the tongue, he does that when he gets nervous, my daughter says he thinks he's talking back to me and I can't hear him when he does it.
This is a better picture of him actually posing. So do you worry about if your pet is happy, is it just like us motherly types? Do you worry if your husband is happy? Your children? So why not your pet. I heartily recommend a bichon as a pet although Dispatch may have other blood in him, he has these long straight black hairs scattered down by his tail, I think he has hound blood in him, he's a little relaxed for a little dog sometimes?
BTW I decided Dispatch was happy most of the time, especially if I'm home or he gets to think he's like this fierce hunter or can go past the edge of the yard by himself but he gets scared if he gets more than 100 ft. from me.


Paul Castillo said...

Very nice looking pup! $2.50 for a chew buddy, can't beat that!!

TC said...

$2.50 for a chew buddy is right, thinking about getting more, labrador hasn't discovered it yet, it takes him like 5 minutes to destroy one. Dispatch says thanks on the nice looking, he thinks he looks fierce and wolflike?