Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bichon and Baby

In this picture the bichon frise (Dispatch) wasn't like attacking, he was just worried because the baby was making these horrible squawking noises. Husband made me cut him out of the picture. I was amazed he held a newborn but he's pretty good with babies, bichon proved to be too. He hadn't been around any newborns that I could remember, we had had a baby drought in our grandchildren, it had been 6 years since the latest additions, before that it was about 1 a year. Enough to get my baby fix in. We were a little worried because Dispatch is so attached to us. He was jealous but he was also enchanted by the baby, he's like I didn't know humans came in such small packages, when can she pet me, why does she make those NOISES? Mama went into the other room to feed the baby and Dispatch followed watching to make sure all was OK.

Baby is Zowie Jean, youngest daughters 13 day old baby. Good baby and CUTE, or is it just me?


hickchic said...

Ello, TC just thought I would come and check out your blog, seeing how you had checked out mine...and I am so glad I did! First, I would just like to say thxs and I did leave a comment on my page below your comment. You made me so happy cuz you were the first person to read my blog and leave a comment, that I didn't ask to go read my blog. And so you know, it meant a lot to me...much appreciated! Second, I use to work in a dog grooming shop in CA, and have ofter told my girls the story of the three Bichon Frise dogs that were flew in for us to groom. Only thing was that I could never remember what the dogs were called...and the owner tried and tried to teach me how to say it, but would of had more luck with her parrots, I think. I just always called them the marshmallow dogs, cuz after we got through grooming them that was what they looked like, a marshmallow with eyes and legs. They were very sweet dogs with loving temperaments, never had to worry bout a snap from them. So now I will have to show my twin daughters the pics and what the marshmallow dogs are really called! Hickchic thinks...it's my lucky day to have been lead to your site!

TC said...

Thanks for the glowing compliments and so glad to have been led to your site too! BTW I had almost twin daughters, 11 months apart, some say worse than twins.
I can see you will get many views of your blog and comments, just keep @ it and don't get discouraged. You write very well and have something to say and that's what it takes!

SquirrelQueen said...

That is so cute. Wondering about the noises and went it can play with me?

Zowie Jean is adorable.


TC said...

You should have seen the lab and Dispatch nosing in the diaper bag, she's nursing so there were no bottles, they were just nosy, thank goodness mama said just let em sniff her, they are just curious.