Friday, April 10, 2009

Bichon Breeds

This is a picture of my bichon puppy when he was like 6 or 8 weeks old. I know I have more, have a feeling they are on the computer I gave my stepdaughter. Anyway he was a cute little thing, if you want a dog to be a companion I can heartliy recommend bichons. In fact I'm on a bichon board which is a good place to go for information. The name is

There are also a couple more web pages to tell you about bichons.

Here's a link.

And here is another.

If you want to look further. Right now I have to quit writing because my own little puffball is demanding to be let out AGAIN to play with the cats. He calls it play, they call it being attacked.

I will soon have a bichon frise breeder highlighted on this webpage, she's just had a litter of the most amazing little white Bichon frise puppies you could ever want to see.

Back to the bichon breeds. First of all my bichon may not be a pure bichon frise although he looks it, he may be a bichon poo or another cross, he was supposed to be a poodle. Long story. I've had poodles, in my estimation bichons are more human oriented although my poodles were more farm poodles than typical poodles, romped with the big dogs etc. There are 5 or 6 bichon breeds depending on if you count the Lowchen. There is also the Maltese, the Bolognese, the Coton de Teulear, the Havanese, and of course the Bichon Frise.

Actually you would think from looking at a bichon they are sturdy cute cute poodles with black rims around their eyes that make them highly expessive. Poodles aren't even that closely related and I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Maltese breed which is a close relative.

I'll expand on all of this later. Just let it be said if you are looking for a companion dog a bichon can't be beat. For more stories of my bichon look through my blog, or go to, you will see what demands they make on your time and wallet. As far as I'm concerned it's all well worth it.

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