Monday, April 13, 2009

We Would Die If Mama Leaves?

Mama was loading stuff in Daddies truck, this is me Dispatch talking, the white one. It worries us when she does that because sometime she could forget to get out of the truck and leave with Daddy. Well this time it did happen? They got in the pickup and left without us but they came back after about 10 minutes. When Daddy leaves it's for a long time, many sleeps, 5 or 6 sometimes. If mama left who would feed and water us? Not to mention pet us and be there @ night to sleep with and all the essential things she does like listen when we find something interesting like the gray cat is trying to eat the cat food again. It's our cat mama says but we don't believe her. Plus the cats would probably start ruling the world if we didn't get out once and awhile to remind them we are the true rulers and protectors of the lawn @ least. Just cuz they kill snakes and mice and moles and birds proves nothing, oh and rabbits, if they would hold still we would kill them too because we are DOGS! Anyway when they got back we were sitting by the door with our noses plastered against it making sure she didn't forget and leave with Daddy and if she did she remembered US!! She didn't leave with him in the big truck but you never know. Mama told Daddy oh look when she got back, she meant us looking so worried, I could hear her because I have supersonic hearing being a bichon ya know? She had to come back in the house to get the camera cuz Daddy told her she needed a picture of that, he pretends he's macho but he's more of a pushover than Mama. Daddy bet her she couldn't get out the door without us but she did, we listen when she gets that stern voice, it's better that we listen. Anyway all is fine now. We are full and have fresh water and mama is with us.
Daddy said there was a terrier someone dumped in a town not far from here, mama is going to email the animal shelter people down there and tell them about him. Daddy said he fed him and almost brought him home. Mama asked for another bichon, Daddy said NO. Oh well, I'm all the dog anyone could want but I miss Mugsey if he's outside?

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