Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bichon Frise Puppies Pictures

Ok, folks here are the bichon puppy pictures I promised.

And here they are about a week old.

Aren't they adorable? The lady in the middle is their vet. Yes they've already been to the vet and pronounced beautiful healthy bichon puppies. The mother's name is Champion Bestow's Gift of Grace (doesn't she look like she's just so happy to have puppies?), yes champion, these are not your run of the mill bichon frise puppies. We prefer to call the mama Ruthy though or rather her "mama" does, I've not had the pleasure of meeting her or the puppies in person. The breeder is the breeder of many champion dogs, sire and dam are handpicked for the best qualities. The breeder also lectures and writes on many subjects ranging from canine care to nutrition, she also grooms and is knowledgeable about all canine subjects. But getting down to brass tacks her bichons are more spoiled than mine is basically. The dogs are raised in the breeders home and are well on their way to being socialized. Not all these puppies will be show dogs but some will.

If you are interested in one of these puppies email me @ and I will forward your email to her. Be forewarned though, she has the strictest policies as to where the bichon puppies go. They will go to non smoking homes and be kept inside, no ifs ands or buts. She keeps the puppies till they are 12 weeks of age and has a very detailed review of the potential owners, she is located in California. The mother dogs are only allowed to breed a limited number of times, I believe 3 but I may be wrong and the intervals are carefully spaced for optimum health of the mother and puppies.

And now here is a picture of one of the breeders other dogs, doesn't he look happy? He should he just won best of breed. But he's happy anyway just to be a bichon. His name is Champion Bestows Pillar of Strength or Rocky. He's a real looker isn't he?

So far the worst thing I've found about bichons is they make for difficult typing. The left arm is almost useless as it is the support for my dog, he is allowing me partial use of it now but if it's serious cuddle time he must be supported so he is held sitting on my lap but upright with his head resting on my shoulder. This makes for optimum viewing of the window where the cats might appear or a dog and perhaps a car may go by, if things get dull the head gets lower till it's nap time.

When the puppies are a little older I will post more pictures.


Letters From Mercury said...

awww... !!
I have a bichon too! He likes sleeping on my lap in the winter, especially when I'm sitting in front of the computer. He always manages to fall asleep ontop of my arms, so I end up incapable of typing, or I have to do the pecking technique. When he gets bored of my lap, he manages to squirm his way behind me and push me to the end of the chair.

TC said...

My bichon and yours must be related, if you look @ my picture to the right you will see white fluff behind me in the chair. That's where he lays when I won't let him lay on my arm. They are worth it though.

ShoppingKharma said...

Awesome photos and I love every one of these stories. True Animals do give pause and connect to your soul. I wish you all the best!

Paul Castillo said...

Love your photos. Would love to see you on Sorry don't mean to spam. We're kind of pic hounds. Love photography on everything. Beautiful Bichon!