Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cynthia The Lost Peacock

Here's the link to the cnn story.

Seems that a peacock or peahen as she's called because she is a female is living by the Sheriffs department in Marion County OR, the picture is of a male from the national geographic website but Cynthia is a beautiful bird and I don't like birds. I admit it, I'm bird phobic.

Cynthia showed up Saturday on the property next to the Sheriffs office and the cops have tried to find her owner or get an animal welfare agency to take her to no avail. She is eating bugs and drinking from a well but people have started to drop off water for her. She seems determined to watch over the police headquarters. They say they can't keep her because the groundskeeper wouldn't like to clean up after her but she eats bugs and I'm sure she keeps an eye out for intruders, what more could they want?

We actually did have peacocks @ one time, raised them in the chicken coop till they were older and they gradually stopped coming in for the night. Coyotes are thick around here and we figured that was what happened to them BUT one day while mushroom hunting in the woods on scared the daylights out of me flying up in front of me, perhaps they survived? This was 30 years ago so I'm sure they are long gone now. But Cynthia's story caught my eye, she's such a cute bird.

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