Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mugsey Marley and Me Look Alike

Hi, my name is Mugsey, my mama is typing this for me, my paws are much too big. This is my baby picture. Mama says I looked so much like Marley it wasn't even funny, they hadn't made the movie yet, this was in the spring of 2007. Now everyone says I'm a Marley lookalike or look alike however you want to say it. This picture was taken about 5 minutes after she brought me in the door. Daddy said something about a yellow puppy although he kept telling mama they couldn't have another dog, especially living in a camper cleaning up after Katrina. Somehow Daddy relaxed his rules for me? There's a commercial on about some of these mugs may have bugs but there aint no bugs on me. Mama said I looked like the dog on the commercial so that was my name, Mugsey. Makes me sound rather tough don't ya think?
I have a "big" brother, his name is Dispatch, here he is on the bed, I think he's just about the best thing besides bones. He started to play with me a couple weeks after I came to live with them. The first two weeks were rough though. See Dispatch still has all his tail hair?

Dispatch liked to play pulley pulley with me, I soon learned to rip all the toys to shreds. Mama won't let me have any more except one expensive stuffed dog that I haven't destroyed because it's too well made. The face is gone though? I'll get it chewed up soon and then she will have to buy new ones. BTW there's a video of me howling with Dispatch about this age if you want to click on the videos on the right? You have to look through the other videos to get to it though.

Mama was cleaning out a camper they had in storage on a horse farm for one of my human brothers who worked for my Daddy. Dispatch told me he could make the horse eat me. It didn't but I wasn't taking any chances.
Soon after this we came back to Missouri, I was born in Mississippi under a storage container. Daddy said they rescued me. Mama reminds him I was in the air conditioned house with the kids when they "rescued" me. My doggie mama was a golden retriever and my doggie daddy was a huge black Labrador. I got my size more from my doggie mama but I'm still trying to grow! When we came back to Missouri we lived on something called a farm and I could go without a leash (what a relief) and there was another old grouchy dog named Skeeter. She's now one of my best friends but boy was she grouchy @ first. As you can see by the picture below I got most of Dispatches tail hair pulled out by early fall. It was such a fun handle, I'd grab him by it and he would growl and mama would yell, sometimes I even tried to pull him by it but Dispach is a fierce warrior under that fluffy white hair. We were playing here, Dispatch does something called a Bichon Blitz but I think he just goes nuts and thinks he's faster than me?

Mama said I was too big for Dispatch's bed and put it up on a table so I couldn't get it because I sort of liked to chew it too. Daddy came home and I had to show him I could still fit in the bed. I don't know what Mama is talking about sometimes?
All of this required I sleep. Mama doesn't like me sleeping in this chair much, I have a chair in the family room I can sleep in but she gets really loud when I take my naps in the living room?

I tried to shield Dispatch when Mama dressed him up in a tutu from Sara my human niece, she tastes good most of the time when I lick her. Anyway mama remembered the tutu she had made for Sara's first Halloween and dressed poor Dispatch in it. I was a little jealous but I really didn't want my own tutu.

Later I learned about ice and how it was wise just to lay down and not try to walk sometimes. I was tired after all this and had to sleep some more.

I learned to watch for Daddy when he was outside. See how I am camouflaged in the jungle tree? Mama says pay no attention to the unfinished window sill, she is just glad to have a wall and have sheet rock up, this used to be a garage door before I came around Dispatch said.I am guarding continuously, sometime I must hide if the danger gets too close though. Mama says I'm not nearly as dumb as she thought I was. I had an accident in the house when Mama was really tired and didn't let me outside in the middle of the night. She didn't find it till she had let me out the next morning but I knew she would be mad so I tried to go live with my best friend Fema who lives down the hill, Fema's mama is my mamas best friend and Fema is a miniature schnauzer, sometimes the schnauzer across the road comes to visit too and we all play in the front lawn. Nothing will attack then because of all 5 fierce dogs guarding the place huh?

All of this guarding and talking about it has made me tired, I have to sleep again.
I have found out that a warm human is the best thing to sleep by on a lazy Sunday morning, this is Jacob my human nephew, Jacob is good to me and feeds me human food too. We are watching a dog show on PBS, well Jacob and Dispatch are, I'm trying to catch a few zzzz's which doesn't sound like a bad idea. See Dispatch's tail hair did grow back!! I'm really not a bad dog.

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