Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kosovo Seargeants Give Their Boys Surprise Puppies

Here's the link.

The picture above is the two puppies before the family got there.

A husband and wife who are Sergeants in the National Guard recently returned from Kosovo. The father saw a litter of 8 lab puppies on petfinder @ the Stover Animal Shelter and emailed them about keeping two of the puppies for their boys, who are 10, 6, and 5. The boys had NO idea what was going on when they went to Stover. It's all in the article. This animal shelter is my pet charity, pun intended. Carol Sue Wiegel mentioned in the article is the local real estate agent and her primary volunteer is one of my oldest friends, Brenda Cook, she emailed this to me:

About 2 months ago a army guy e-mailed us from Kosovo. He had seen our pets on petfinder, and was interested in some lab pups we had ( 8 ) of them. He has 3 little boys and had promised them a dog when he returned, he really wanted 2 of them but wanted us to keep 2 for him for 2 months until he returned. Well of course we did and he got home last Tuesday, and came for the pups this Monday, his boys new nothing about this, it was a surprise for them. He brought his family down and you should of seen the look on those kids faces they are 10, 7 and 5, they went crazy!! they named thier dogs Scarlett and Duke. The Sedalia paper was there and so was KRCG tv Jefferson City. Great Press and did a good thing too!

I LOVE stories like this.

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