Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sign Petition For Animal Shelters, Philadelphia Eagles To Match Vic's Salary To Shelters?

OK, heres the deal. Michael Vic is going to play for the Philadelphia Eagles right? (You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that) The political action group DogPac is asking the Philadelphia Eagles to match Michael Vic's salary in donations to local animal shelters. 6.6 million dollars over two years would go pretty far toward animal shelters I think. I learned about this from Tanks Blog and from Loving For A Living. The site for to send emails and sign the petition (also donate if you wish) is HERE.

For those of you who know how longwinded I can get this will amaze you. This is my email to the Philadelphia Eagles Owner or rather what I added onto their email.

Basically it says below, hey dude, do what is fair, they guy screwed up, you hired him back, the animals that he harmed and others need a second chance too. Here's your chance.

Take a little time, help out our animal shelters, our dog and cat friends (children) in these tough times. Go sign the petition, email, donate or just donate to your local shelter or consider a dog for adoption or a cat?

I won't be on much for awhile, I am migrating to animalsthatgivepause.com but I have like real work to do too (paperwork and accounting, bah humbug) and I'm trying to follow blogs a little too, cook, and clean, and all that dull nasty stuff.


chicamom85 said...

We did sign the petition and thank you for mentioning it again. It can't be said enough times, we need to speak for those animals who didn't have a choice.

Anne and Sasha

TC said...

I will try to keep it up and mention it as long as the petition is open. It's the best idea to come our of a bad situation I've ever seen.
Thanks for going and signing.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Thank you for the wonderful post!


Denise Taylor said...

I listen to sports radio all the time and I didn't hear about this at all! We will definitely sign the petition. Thanks for the info.

TC said...

I got a nice reply from the Eagles, nonspecific but nice. j
You are welcome Tweedles and Denise, my pleasure.

GIANTS FAN said...

Hey guys,

I found this ongoing debate and I wanted to share it with you:



TC said...

Hi Giants fan, I put in my 2 cents worth on the debate. THANKS!

SquirrelQueen said...

Wonderful post TC, this is always a good cause. I am a regular contributor to our local humane society, wish I could do more for them.

Miss Cindi Lou Who is a rescue, not from the shelter but the street.


TC said...

Thanks for commenting Judy, hope you had a good trip?
I haven't really rescued any from the shelter except for Skeeter and I didn't do that. I have picked up a stray dog (cocker spaniel) from where I worked and took it home and eventually to some friends house who remained friends even though Dimitri (the dog) was the humpingest dog ever I think. There's a hound/beagle outside now that I'm feeding. Sweet sweet dog.

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