Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bichon Frise, Cockapoo Puppy, Kitten Photos

These photos are of the infamous Dispatch, my Bichon Frise who is 6 now, you can read more about him and how spoiled he is in older posts here. We also have Charlie my daughters Cockapoo. Charlie doesn't sit still much, I was lucky to get this photo. Don't know if all Cockapoos are like this or not, he is 9 months old and he loves to bite Dispatches ears, which puts Charlie in mortal danger of being eaten by a Bichon or @ least Dispatch would like to make Charlie think so? Charlie really is cute, he's rather active compared to how Dispatch was when he was a puppy and all the other small dogs I've had. Charlie is rather active compared to the energizer bunny and can go longer.

This is Dispatch the Bichon. He relaxes quite well, this was his first bed, my brothers enamelware baby bathtub, it was sitting next to a heater which evidently felt good on his belly. Taken in Garage I don't decorate like this! He was about 5 months here. When I cleaned the bed out @ first I found a tennis shoe in it, toothbrush, forks?, assorted doggie treats, paper, and every inkpen we had dropped for months. They were all carefully hidden under the blanket.

This is Dispatch and my children and part of the grandkids Christmas 2003. Notice how I snuck them in here?

This is one tired Bichon Puppy (ungroomed of course, barely had a haircut, he was a Tasmanian devil @ 6 weeks old if you approached with the brush or scissors). Dispatch was 4 months or 5 months here, he was going from cute fat puppy to picky adolescent.

Can you see the kitten? These pictures were taken yesterday.
Can you see it now?

How about NOW?
I can catch it, it would rather be petted than eat. It was going to rain the other day so I took it around to the front steps which are protected. The kitten kept getting in the pickup, in the motor. Not a good deal. I put the kitten back in it's tree. It's eating from the roof. Eventually the big cats will leave it alone I think?


Honeygo Beasley said...

I laughed out loud for real reading about what was under Dispatch's blanket! That is so funny ... and so cute. Chloe still sleeps like that. What a great photo and enjoyed this post.

TC said...

Thanks Honeygo, Dispatch only sleeps like that in his little bed and in the people bed. That was the most I ever found buried although we find many things in the couch now?

SquirrelQueen said...

Charlie is cute but he does look like he would be a handful, you can see the energy even in the photo.

I love Dispatch's baby photos, he was and still is just as cute as can be. I got a laugh too about all the "treasures" you found under the blanket.

Glad to hear kitty is adjusting and let's you pet it. Hopefully when it gets a little bigger the big cats will leave it alone. It is a cutie!

Have a great day,

AL said...

Aww look at Charlie...he looks like Coffee, very innocent looking. He can be Coffee's buddy.

Things found under Dispatch's tubby was his cherished possessions, funny.

The kitty is getting bigger so as Prudence, she once did that climbing thing when she was chased by Coffee.


TC said...

We still laugh about Dispatches treasures in his bed too, it was like there was more in there than the bed could hold?
Looks like I might have to leave kitty, think I will talk my cousin into making it a house kitty or @ least a down there kitty?
Charlie is a handfull, if he potties in the house you ask him what did you do Charlie and he turns his back to you and looks back over his shoulder all hunched up like he's ashamed? Charlie is a good actor!

TC said...

AL Charlie does look like Coffee doesn't he?. Partners in crime?
We still find things in Dispatches bed, I believe there's a bone or two in there now, the real kind, fully dried out and chewed on.
Kitty hasn't been chased by the dogs yet, the dogs don't chase cats that don't run but I'm not sure it will run from them. Of course they are not supposed to chase cats.....

chicamom85 said...

I love all the pictures, Dispatch and Charlie are so cute. The kitty pictures are funny.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

TC said...

Thanks Anne and Sasha, kitty is STILL in the tree, with occasional trips to the roof.

Dispatch says get well soon and so does his mama.

Jan Mader said...

I love all the photos. I went back three times to look...and the kitten in the tree is too adorable!

TC said...

Jan thanks, glad you enjoyed them.

I was really really good yesterday and didn't blog, got more done than I ever thought I could! BUT part of the reason I didn't blog is because my kitten disappeared. I called and called. About dark it showed up. Considered the house, looked @ the bichon, thought about a cat box, thought about cat box in camper where I will be living soon.......

laurie said...

i put a little video of boscoe going backwards up the stairs on the blog. you weren't the only one who had no clue what i was talking about!

or you can just look at it here:

backwards boscoe

TC said...

Thanks Laurie, it looks perfectly sensible when Boscoe does it.