Friday, August 14, 2009

A Road Trip And Random Thoughts As Always

Road trip! I'm going to live with my husband for a steady basis for the first time in over 3 months! Kids and cops next door watching house, I'm leaving sometime tonight or tomorrow. Anyway I'm putting Dispatch (bichon, spoiled dog, thinks he's boss if you are new here) in a crate, we experimented with the crate this morning in the car and it didn't eliminate the banshee howling and barking in the car but it did lessen it considerably, he was quiet in 2 miles instead of 20. I didn't say he stayed quiet. But I couldn't fit the big pink crate in and take what I needed to take so we had to use the little gray one, he can barely stand up in it but he can turn around. We will see how this goes.
Can you see the cat?
Can you see him now?
Do you think Paris the tomcat is trying to tell me something? I will miss him but he will be here when I get back. He is a loyal kitty. The others, not so much. I would like to take Paris and Roof to TX but two cats and a bichon in a camper? Maybe they could stay but I would have to move out I'm sure.

Cats will be fed up here, they will probably migrate next door to my cousins house, the lawns run into each other, roof kitty is already down there, her kitty Nathan is nice to it or he hasn't beat it up yet which is better than the kitten got from these cats. Skeeter the old old dog will move down there, she's a joint custody dog. Roof kitty bit me yesterday, I caught it and it was scared because Fema the schnauzer was there. Roof would come to me before, don't know if she/he will now or not.

Oh and on Roof Kitty, I asked my cousin if I could bring it down, first I asked if it could be an inside kitten, that was a negative. So my cousins awake, I'm awake, we do the waking up email thing, I call down to tell them I'm on my way down with the kitten, her husband answers the phone. I said I'm bringing the cat down, he said CAT??? I said you didn't know about the kitty did you? He said no. I tell him it will all be OK, he won't even know kitty is around. They have had LOTS of cats before he was sort of kidding (I think?). I said if Roof came back to my house I would take it to TX with me. Since it bit me I'm not sure if that was a good thought? Plus I didn't have room for one big crate in the car much less one big crate and one little crate?

Boy I just saved myself some embarrassment!! I thought the counter down @ the bottom said 48,800 and not 46,800, I put it on my facebook that I had almost 50,000, that doesn't count though, they are mostly relatives with a few friends, they know me very well. Sure glad I didn't say anything about how many views I have aren't you?

(But If I'm not on the internet when I hit 50,000 whoo hooo and thank you, now the advertisers need to come out of le proverbial woodwork!)

Did you know if you get one of those handy dandy google page rank things (more commonly known as part of the google toolbar) you can tell how popular a page is or how popular google thinks it is? Mine says 2 out of 10 BTW, I had to have @ least a 1 to join blog explosion I think and it was 1 @ the time and that's how I knew this. But @ least for me the google page rank goes to 7 out of 10 when you go to new post on your blog. That really had me worried for a bit but it does it on all of my blogs so it must be because everyones new post page registers the same, you know what I mean, don't think too hard, it will be OK.

Won't have internet for a few days so.........I'm tethering my phone to my laptop I think, seems to be the cheapest easiest option, don't have it started yet because I want to test it and we barely have wireless service here much less 3G. Other than that my dog is doing the banshee howl because I am eating and he is in the crate. I emptied the the refrigerator of anything that would spoil in a week or two or a month or so, he is not starving, trust me, he had quite a bit of chicken and had cheese for a treat in his crate, plus his normal dog food that sits around ignored. That is how you are supposed to train them, just give them treats in their crate, he's like Ok, I'll go in here and eat the treat but I want out if there's nothing more in it for me and there's something interesting going on outside like food being consumed! He's 6 and he goes in the crate now when I ask, I think he's doing very well. Granted I have to stand by said crate and sometimes I have to plead a bit but I never have to do the shove and shut door anymore which is the only way he used to go in a crate.

Anyway will miss youall, see ya soon!


Lily said...

Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure you'll let us know how Dispatch handled it. I like the name Roof for the kitty.

Rae said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip. Look forward to hearing how it went when you get internet access again.

AL said...

Bye bye and stay safe. Aww look at that kitty...she sure wants to come...kitty kitty.


chicamom85 said...

Have a safe trip. I hope Dispatch behaves. Sasha is usually not too good in the car either. Good luck.

Anne and Sasha

Jan Mader said...

Good luck! Have a safe is not always easy with our furry babies!

SquirrelQueen said...

Your already on the road but when you read this I hope all is well. Maybe Dispatch will adjust after awhile, maybe. I have travel with pets and it can be interesting to say the least. If nothing else you should have some great stories for us.

My stepdaughter (19 yr old college kid) flew in from Anchorage on Thursday so I got a little behind on my visiting.

Be safe, have fun.


T said...

Good luck, and have a safe and enjoyable trip!!!

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Good luck on your adventure Dispatch, I hope your ride is pleasant! Mistaya

TC said...

mistaya's M.O.M., T, Judy, Jan Mader, Anne and Sasha, AL, Rae, and Lily, last but not least. Thanks for all of your wishes.

We made it, I was never so happy to see I-10 in all my life, I finally looked @ a map the last 60 miles, it's a matter of pride I can get almost everywhere without maps. (remember husband is a truck driver).

More about the trip soon. Just now got internet, whoo HOOOOOO!!

Dispatch stayed in the little grey crate the whole way down! I didn't say he was good or quiet but it was better than it usually is.

There is a big scary bridge between Bridge City Tx and Port Arthur TX, I guess the names should have given me a hint, bridge city, port......