Monday, August 3, 2009

Bichon Frise Puppy Photos And More

I found bunches of bichon frise baby pictures, well they are bichon frise adolescent pictures and one baby puppy picture you haven't seen yet. If you are new here my bichons name is Dispatch and I bought him as a poodle. This dog didn't know the word brush till he was like 6 months old which is obvious, bichons are hard to brush sometimes and he said no way. Me being the wimp that I am said OK whatever you want snookyplum and what we have now is the result of me being said wimp. I think all of these were taken around Christmas of 2003 except for the baby bichon picture, that was taken in September. I'm just so happy I found these and my other pictures.

This is his dog in charge pose, actually he's having withdrawal after I got out of the chair, I thought my office/family room was cluttered NOW, looks great compared to then, notice the microwave behind the door! He's saying hey where'd she go, she might get away and then I will be by myself, help help.........he really does have two ears, don't know what he did with the other one.

He obviously liked to stay on top of things, he looks rather rough here doesn't he, it's cold and snowy. His looks would have been greatly improved if I'd known how to trim a bichon. That's my daughter being supportive. He's saying I am ruler of all I survey, which is one of his favorite sayings I believe, remember this is actually a garage these pictures were taken in. I believe he jumped on her back when she bent over beside a chair and that's how we got the idea for this picture, he climbs.

I guess he was in the tutu when he was smaller too? No wonder he wasn't upset when I put it on him last summer? My granddaughters first Halloween costume, she looked like a marshmallow with a tutu on.

Here we have relaxed bichon frise puppy laying by daddies boots. I adore the fat little tummy too. I didn't have my new camera then so I'm not sure exactly how old he was then but he was smaller like 1/2 or 1/3 that size when we got him. And yes we still have that lovely orange/green furniture, my mother ordered it special when they built this house and it's still with us. I do cover it up though. Couch is COMFY and long enough for two to lay down!

More bichon frise puppy pictures tomorrow or soon after. I found these because I was looking for some other dog pictures to explain a strange coincidence and an interesting story. More about that later in the week. My kitten (whom I'm thinking of calling Roof, see posts immediately preceding this one) now allowed me to pet it, while feeding it canned cat food, it's still on the roof. Tomorrow I hope it comes to me when I don't have canned cat food? We will see. Too much going on to try feeding it @ the door.

Two other things I found today, the Eagles were set to record their Very Best Of Album on September 11, 2001, they didn't obviously. They then wrote There's a Hole In The World due to that experience (maybe you knew that? I didn't know that), LINK.

Also I played this game compulsively for about an hour this afternoon, I did get almost 3000, I think the more points the better? Knock yourself out. Cat Herder Link

The lawn is mowed and I MIGHT get to go to TX to see husband soon for a few days? We will see.

One more thing if you have been following the story of my labrador Mugsey and how he passed away last week. I swear he following is true, dog lovers will believe me, others will call me a liar, I don't know what he was thinking but I know what he did.

I was folding clothes this evening on the bed, usually Dispatch likes to be in the middle of what I am doing, especially folding clothes, I think he likes to get his butt on the dishtowels if you want to know what I think, I usually try to avoid that. He was just laying there looking @ me like he expected me to do something while I was folding, I asked him what? Do you want something? Then I thought, he understands words and simple sentences, have I told him Mugsey is gone? I said Mugsey is no more, he went bye bye, he's dead, gone, no more Mugsey. I know this sounds rather harsh but we are talking trying to get through to a dog here. When I told Dispatch with every bit of the sentence his eyes would narrow and finally he was blinking blinking like he was fighting tears? Boy Scouts honor. He does lift his paw like it's hurt when I leave the house sometimes so I know he knows sadness and how to convey it, I thought I'd seen him cry before but this was just totally weird and sad @ the same time.


Rae said...

Love the photos. Dispatch is a ham in front of the camera.

I don't know if dogs cry but I do believe they sense a loss and know when something is wrong. He is missing his friend.

TC said...

Thanks Rae, it was weird re telling him about Mugsey, I felt sort of silly doing it till I saw his reaction.

Dispatch is a ham. There are more pictures.

I was just so glad to find those pictures, I was afraid I hadn't gotten them off of previous computer, it had a weird photo program on it and didn't take the jpg files when I transferred albums.

MzzLily said...

Cute pics. I think animals feel a great sense of loss. I'm sure he misses Mugsey.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the first photo, Dispatch wants you to come back to the chair. The tutu is too cute.

That's good news about the kitty, it will take a little time to build trust but it will happen. I had to do the same thing with Miss Cindi and now she is my best bud.

Animals do understand, not the words but the emotions we convey. I saw it a lot with my other cat Tasha.


AL said...

Hi TC,

They say if we often talk to our pets, they will understand what we are talking about. When I say EAT to my dogs, they will quickly get up and go to the kitchen with me. Scott knows when I am sad, he sits beside me properly as if protecting me. when I call my cat with her name, she replies with meoowww, and everyone in the house will laugh.

Nice photo of Dispatch I want to buy Coffee a pink tutu but he is a boy. LOL


TC said...

MzzLily thanks for stopping by, he was upset I'm sure.

TC said...

SquirrelQueen, I'd have to say the chair photo or him sleeping all fat and cuddly are my two favorites.

Good news on kitty, somehow the cat shelf got knocked over last night and kitties food was on ground empty. I had to fix that before I got any peace. Kitty came to me when I got on ladder!! All he wanted was cuddled. It's going to rain so I put his food where he can eat and not get wet but still feel safe. We are having strange dog company tonight so didn't want to put him in house.

TC said...

I know Dispatch knows more of what we say than he should.

Thanks on the photos, Dispatch is a boy too but we already had a tutu. His only piece of clothing is a camo coat, all manly and macho. LOL

Honeygo Beasley said...

Wow, that's something about Dispatch. I am so sorry to hear about Mugsey ... I will try to catch up more often with you. May Mugsey be happy in doggie heaven and know he is resting in peace. I lost a dog a while ago and know how it feels. M. always has a place in your heart and mind.

TC said...

Thanks for stopping by Honeygo Beasley, I really enjoy your blog, it's so weird how bichons are alike.
I can talk about Mugsey now, well type about him without bawling so I'm making progress. I know Mugsey wouldn't want me to be sad.