Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Kitten, A Bichon Frise, And a Ships Captain, Plus Another Dog Blog

I've got a couple pictures of Dispatch my bichon, with his words of wisdom of course down @ the bottom where we talk about dogs. I have semi sad news to report about my "new" kitten. The cat whom I presumed was the kittens mother now hates the kitten and beats up on it @ every opportunity which means the kitten doesn't get down out of tree or off roof much, it will get down if I call it but then the presumed mama cat beats up on it before it can eat (mama cats name is meany and she is living up to it). I've been putting canned cat food in the tree so the other cats can't get it (or they won't because who wants to climb a tree for food when it's so much closer on the cat shelf) I spilled it on myself last night which was cute, have you ever tried to get canned cat food to stick to the top of branches, while on the top of an eight foot step ladder with a fork in the dusk, try it sometime for fun! Tonight I was outside talking on the phone and the kitten followed me around the house on the roof meowing it's pitiful meow so I fed it and gave it some water up there. Hopefully I can catch said kitten tomorrow. Don't know what good that will do but I can probably put it inside to feed it instead of on the roof which looks pretty strange. Said kitten appeared on the day my other dog was put to sleep if you are new here, so I feel kitten MUST stay alive and happy.

Now onto other things I discovered while I was surfing this morning.

This is a really cool link with a story about the ship captain that was held by pirates. LINK NOT what you expect, it's about garbage, neat blog altogether too. The story is about garbage, not the blog, it's a dog blog.

This is a cautionary tale about kids and dogs, well actually about newborns and dogs that are not far from being wolves. LINK

And this is an animal blog that doesn't have many followers that deserves many more and is a wealth of information, it's funny @ times too. LINK

I've been trying to get Dispatch the bichon frise to be shall we say more civilized, before we get a new puppy, IF we get a puppy. So we've started on the crate training again, if nothing else so he can ride in the car in it and all will be fine and we will ride into the sunset (can we say the human is delusional?) He doesn't bother me crawling all over the place (OK I do have buttons for snow or sport mode on the console and he's always pushing them (if he is up front trying to touch MOMMY) but it makes life interesting if the car suddenly lurches, it doesn't really but it does drive differently?) (Oh and he rolls down the windows if I forget to lock them, I swear he knows what he's doing with that one), but I'm thinking if I teach him to stay in the crate and be quiet he will do it in the car too? This is what Dispatch thinks a crate is good for. And yes he is staring out the window, waiting still. BTW the end tables and coffee tables and desks are also good places for a dog to sit or lay or use as a ladder.

This is the dog saying OK where is the treat now, I'm in the stupid thing, I do get a treat now or I'll quit getting in here.

This is him saying OK I'm in here what more do you want? Is he looking happy? Actually he is much better now. I know the crate is too big but his crate is almost too small, this is Mugseys old crate, he was a tad too big for it. But you can teach an old dog new tricks (I think? unless he's just toying with my emotions which is entirely possible). Have you ever heard the bichon breed is one of the most stubborn? I like to call it determined. Maybe obsessive? I did brush him after these pictures I promise.


AL said...

Hi TC,

The Mama cat is very bad...she should learn some lesson, but how? Is the little kitty safe on the roof? Well I'm glad you've been helping the little one. My newly adopted cat Prudence can't walk on the pavement until because Coffee has been chasing her, so what I did was feed her over the fence so she will be more comfortable.

Dispatch is really cute, look at the little one!


SquirrelQueen said...

The kitten is so sweet, that is so sad that it's own mother beats up on it. Hopefully you can catch it and get it inside. Once it gets used to the house it will begin to calm down and feel safe. Poor little thing. And be careful on that ladder.
You manage to find some to the most interesting things on the internet, very good reading.
I think Dispatch is toying with you, but the last photo is adorable.

Rae said...

That poor little kitten. I hope you are able to catch it and protect from that mean mama.

I think it is a sign for you to adopt this kitty since the timing of it showing up worked out the way it did. Good Luck catching her. I hope to hear more news about it later.

And I think Dispatch is just ornery and has a mindset to say he is the boss. He is so cute he deserves all the control he wants.

TC said...

AL, Judy, and Rae, will have to answer all in one, have to finish mowing before it rains or gets too hot, whichever comes today. Thanks for stopping by!
Kitty is safe, it's safer on roof but won't be when it rains, hope it comes down then. It sleeps in the tree. Maybe today I can catch it, not quite sure what I will do with it, guess put it in the bathroom till I'm sure I can catch it again?
My husband calls Dispatch little a$$ whole and you can see why.

MzzLily said...

Hi TC. Hubby still gets bothered by cat behavior; the way they beat up on some. Little Bear (our mama cat) will beat up her kids if they come to close. That's just cat nature. When food is scarce, you can't survive and share at the same time. Cats are very territorial.

Mickey (sleeping on my laptop - remember?) is mama's runt. Even she picks on Mickey and runs her off. We started keeping food out for Mickey on our bedroom deck, but one day the others discovered it. Then Mickey would sneak over and come in the bedroom door to eat. Now, she comes and stays until she feels like going back out.

If you catch kitten, bring her inside the door to feed her, then let her out. She will return to the door when she's hungry. (I'm hoping that by the 2nd meal you will fall hopelessly in love with kitten and she will have an 'under roof' home.)

TC said...

MzzLily, hubby won't let me have a under roof cat. Kittens yes but not cat. I'm wondering if I can take it to camper but I know what the answer will be. It will have to go live with my cousin but it's daddy is down there (sometimes up here evidently too).
I just wish Meany wouldn't beat up on it, it's lonely and thinks the other cats hate it too.
I'll do the door trick and see?